True, my engineering degree was in the dumps. True we probably pointlessly slaved in Prof. Veera's lab mixing one type of with another all day. True, I may get. Written by author Chetan Bhagat, the book Five Point Someone is set in the Indian Institute Of Technology, the top engineering college in India. : Five Point Someone: What Not To Do at IIT : Chetan Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers.


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Book Review -- Five Point Someone

In the ranking system in III five points are considered average rank. 5 point someone novel, Alok and Ryan are three main characters.

They are roommates and studding in the same department at IIT. They are far from the image of an IIT graduate is generally perceived to be and more like an average middle class youth.

In the 5 point someone novel Hari narrates the story. He is an average in study, seems confused but he keeps all three fiends together, always taking the easy way out, fall in love and had sex with the daughter of his head of the department.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat – review | Children's books | The Guardian

Ryan is son of rich parents, a born rebellion. He hates his parents, as he feels neglected by them. Alok belongs to a typical lower Indian middle class family, burdened with lots of expectations and responsibility.


He wants to get good GPA so that he can get a good job and support his family. This makes him some times selfish.


5 point someone novel They found themselves stuck in IIT system. They get bored with study, assignments and projects and wanted to enjoy the life and have fun to its fullest. This leads to their lower GPA in class quiz and exams. They managed to secure hardly 5 points GPA at a scale of 10, ranking near the end of their class.

Sneak out to have ice-cream.

Be overly emotional for no darn reason - even write letters that make a first-grader proud! Whining 24 x 7 x not about the syllabus or 5 point someone novel load, but about family, love, and cheating, ugh!

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat – review

If I compare these guys 5 point someone novel my father, then I either feel like something's wrong with my dad or that the author's got the IIT mentality wrong at the roots I mean, aren't they supposed to be these demigods of intelligence? C'mon, the supporting cast had no girlfriends, you could have spared us ONE whole character, Mr.

All right, that said, I felt that Operation Pendulum's 5 point someone novel night was cut straight out of a Bollywood movie - so many dramatic coincidences altogether NOT giving away spoilers, so breathe? This is beyond preposterous and, to be fair on the IIT guys, a little insulting.

All in all, the book was by far the worst read I've picked in a long while and don't think that I'll dare pick up another Chetan Bhagat novel in my life.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat

He cares a lot for his friends and claims not to love his parents, even though he hints he misses them every now and then. His character is played by Amir Khan as 5 point someone novel in the film adaptation.

Alok Gupta[ edit ] He is a 'cry baby', fat and a loser as claimed by his friend Ryan.

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His family is poor and he 5 point someone novel in IIT for them. His sister is not getting married as he does not have enough dowry to give the groom's family. In the start of the story he dislikes Ryan as he is always having fun and not studying but, after he comes back after 5 point someone novel friendship with Ryan and Hari, his perspective about Ryan changes.

Translation[ edit ] The book has been translated into Hindi and is published by Prabhat Prakash.

Five Point Someone

Many discarded it as 'Bollywood on paper' referring to its over the top nature. The names of the characters and their 5 point someone novel were changed. Also, both the films were not full adaptations of the books, as many of the scenes from the book, including the climax, were changed in the films.