New 7 QC Tools (Affinity Diagram, Interrelationship Digraph, Tree Diagram, Matrix Diagram, Prioritization. New Seven QC Tools. Affinity Diagram: Grouping of the idea of Brainstorming. Relation Diagram: Diagram of Why-why analysis. Tree Diagram: Collection of plans and methods systematically. Matrix Diagram: A matrix to express the strongness of relationship between two things. Arrow Diagram: Same to PERT. Management Research. Institute Ltd. This article is reprinted with permission fiom The Seven New QC. Tools: Practical. Applications for Managers by Yoshinobu.


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Kaoru Ishikawa’s Basic Seven QC Tools

7 qc tools new Clarification of relationship of the issues responsible for a problem. Identification of key drivers and key outcomes. Construction of interrelationship digraph.

Reducing a broad objective into increasing levels of details. If an affinity diagram or a cause-and-effect diagram have been developed, the same causes could be used to fill in the tree diagram quicker. A general brainstorming session can be held with the purpose of writing 7 qc tools new all of the characteristics or elements relating to the objective.

Seven New Management and Planning Tools

An example of a tree diagram. Choose the Tree Diagram goal statement Goal: An Affinity Diagram with the headers as major subgoals.

Any assignment given 7 qc tools new an individual or team. Tip Regardless of the source, work hard to create— through consensus—a clear, action-oriented statement. Assemble the right team The team should consist of action planners with detailed knowledge of the goal topic.

Be prepared to hand further details to others. Four 7 qc tools new six people is the ideal group size, but the Tree Diagram is appropriate for larger groups as long as the ideas are visible and the session is well facilitated.

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Generate the major Tree headings, which are the major subgoals to pursue The simplest method for creating the highest, 7 qc tools new first level of detail, is to brainstorm the major task areas.

Brainstorm action statements and sort into groupings, but spend less time than usual refining the header cards.

Seven QC Tools and New Seven QC Tools

Draw lines only when the Tree is finished. This allows it to stay flexible until the process is finished. The Tree can be oriented from left to right, right to left, or top down. Keep the first level of detail broad, and avoid jumping to the lowest level of task. Stop the breakdown of each level when there are assignable tasks or the team reaches the limit to its own expertise.

7 qc tools new

Most Trees are broken out to the third level of detail not counting the overall goal statement as a level. The Tree Diagram is a great communication tool.

Seven Management and Planning Tools - Wikipedia

It can be used to get input from those outside the team. Of course, some contingencies cannot be foreseen.


There may be insufficient knowledge or unexpected changes in events may occur. This method is similar to contingency planning.

Some uses for the process decision program chart PDPC include: