The 74th amendment structured municipalities into three classes - Muni Corps, Muni Councils, and Nagar Parishads, dpending on population, population  What are the common features between the 73rd and the 74th. The Constitution (74th Amendment) Act, Background. Towns and cities contribute substantially to the economic development of the country. These urban. Article 40 of the Indian constitution directs the government to establish panchayats to serve as institutions of local self-government. Most states implemented this.


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To maintain a democratic ethos, popular accountability, and transparency, the amendment emphases the need for periodic meetings of the gram sabha, composed of all adults in each village.

These meetings will approve ongoing programmes and financial allocations. In brief, the amendment visualises the allocation of funds, functions, and functionaries to these bodies to ensure genuine and effective democratic 74th constitutional amendment.

73rd And 74th Constitution Amendments and Reservation for Women

The Constitutional Amendment Bill came into effect from April 24, The panchayats constitutional 74th constitutional amendment previously panchayat matters were considered as state subjects ; ii. An institionalised three tier system at village, block and district levels; iii.

The amendment stipulated that all panchayat members be elected for five year term in the elections supervised by the state election 74th constitutional amendment.


There were already some women in local government prior to the passing 74th constitutional amendment the 73rd and 74th Amendments. But they were few and far between. In most cases the state laws prescribed at least one or two seats for women in the old-style PRIs.

73rd and 74th constitution amendment act.

Very often these seats were filled though nomination. The nominees, invariably, were members of elite families belonging to higher castes and owning substantial land, thus enjoying high status in terms of family, cast, and class.

These women were usually related to established political leaders. 74th constitutional amendment symbols of tokenism, they rarely took 74th constitutional amendment interest in the functioning of the PRIs.

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A municipal council for a smaller urban area. A municipal corporation for a larger urban area'.


Composition All the members of a municipality shall be elected directly by the people of 74th constitutional amendment municipal area. For this purpose, each municipal area shall be divided into territorial constituencies to be known as wards.

74th Amendment of the Constitution of India - Summary

The state legislature may provide the manner of election of the chairperson of a municipality. It may 74th constitutional amendment provide for the representation of the following 74th constitutional amendment in a municipality.

Persons having special knowledge or experience in municipal administration without the right to vote in the meetings of municipality. The members of the Lok Sabha and the state legislative assembly representing constituencies that comprise wholly or partly the municipal area.

CUTS International Director George Cheriyan said the objectives of the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act were historic amendment and not implementing its provisions in letter and spirit is unfortunate.

In addition, the Act has also added 74th constitutional amendment Schedule to the Constitution. It contains 18 functional items of municipalities listed under Article W. It gives constitutional status to the municipalities and has brought them under the purview of judicial review.