Livy's History of Rome, sometimes referred to as Ab Urbe Condita, is a monumental history of ancient Rome, written in Latin, between 27 and 9 BC. by the  ‎Contents · ‎Summary of the First Book · ‎Livy's publication · ‎Manuscripts. No information is available for this page. Contents[edit]. Preface · 50%.svg · Book 1: The Earliest Legends of Rome 50%.svg · Book 2: The Early Years of the Republic 50%.svg · Book 3: The Decemvirate.


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Then Romulus saw twelve birds and claimed that he was the chosen one. Livy's version has the twins come to blows over this and Remus is killed.

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He also cites the "more common" account, wherein Remus leaped over Romulus' wall and was killed by Romulus in a fit of rage. Reign of Romulus[ edit ab urbe condita The war with the Sabines[ edit ] According to Livy, the Sabines were, unlike the other cities, cunning and calculating when it came to war.

Tatius tricked Tarpeia ab urbe condita, the daughter of Spurius Tarpeiusthe commander of the city's walled citadel to open the gates to his men by offering her what she thinks will be the gold bracelets they wear on their left arms, instead they crushed her to death when they heaped their shields on top of her as her reward.

Livy reports that other sources state that she was killed only after the Sabines came to suspect her of treachery.

Ab urbe condita 22

The Battle of the Lacus Curtius[ edit ] Further information: Finally, in spite of their lack of the high ground, the ab urbe condita Roman army attacked.

Initially inspired by the heroics of their general Hostus Hostilius on the front line, the Romans line broke when he fell, and they were pushed back across the low ground ab urbe condita the Capitoline and Palatine hills. The Sabines marched forth, on the verge of victory.

Romulus makes a pledge to Jupiter that if he ab urbe condita hold off the Sabine charge and restore the Roman's courage, he will build a new Temple to "Jupiter the Stator" on the site. With a cry, Romulus led his army into the Sabines and routed them. The Sabine general Ab urbe condita was tossed in a swamp by his horse after it bolted.

After the Sabines regrouped, the battle continued in the area between the two hills, but the Roman army had by then gained the upper hand. Suddenly, the abducted Sabine daughters rushed onto the battlefield and put themselves between the two armies.

ab urbe condita

They implored both sides to stop the bloodshed and ab urbe condita each other as family, as they then were. Ashamed, the leaders of the two peoples ended the fighting.

Union with the Sabines[ edit ] The two people are merged under a joint throne with Rome as the capital. To honor the Sabine women, when Romulus divided the city into 30 local councilshe named them after ab urbe condita women.

Now each culture contains their own unique UI for example, battle advisors, campaign advisors, the UI interface itself etc. New loading screens and images. Many new custom battlemaps.

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Settlement names can be customised ingame, allowing for an increased roleplaying element. Landbridges have been added to improve AI expansion; expect to see previously dormant factions triumph ingame! The Ab urbe condita Diplomacy Script has also been included ab urbe condita the mod, allowing the player to force negotiations to compensate for the Campaign AI's shortcomings to activate the scripts simply click the "?

New wall textures for the Roman and Greek city walls.


It's a specific subtrope of Alternative Calendar.