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Now it has one. Changes in raw materials accurate reloading data our control made it hard for us to maintain the previous bond we had between the front and rear cores. We tested alternatives extensively and found that the single, ternary-alloy core gave better accuracy and increased retained weights by an average of 14 percent.

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Grand Slam provides a thicker jacket than its Hot-Cor equivalent. It will open just as fast, but will have somewhat deeper penetration. This helps at those times you don't have a broadside accurate reloading data, when penetration becomes extremely important, even on whitetail.

It is also a very good feature when hunting whitetails with a magnum-class cartridge like the 7mm Rem. The grain Hot-Cor, driven accurate reloading data fast, might show reduced penetration.

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Going to the tougher Grand Slam will let you take full advantage of the velocity the cartridge and a grain bullet offer. Still, the Hot-Cor's years of success tell you it remains a potent choice today. Have you thought about where to start with regard to powder charges and how to accurate reloading data it safely?

One of the biggest challenges is accurate reloading data safe starting points for load development.

Accurate clarifies load data changes

This post is accurate reloading data to discuss potential sources of reloading data to use to safely execute load development for your rifle. Safety is the paramount concern and will be the focus in this article, we want our readers to do things correctly, and that means doing it safely!

Reloading can be exceedingly dangerous if it is not done with meticulous attention to detail and with accurate reloading data as a first concern. Even two guns made accurate reloading data the same manufacturer of the same model can behave differently when it comes to reloading.

The proper place to seek out reloading data is from the manufacturer of the powder you plan to use. For a hunting load where you want to get maximum ranging and terminal performance concentrate on the higher velocity nodes. Generally the thicker the barrel the wider the node.

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This is important when accurate reloading data up loads that will be effective during different times of the year. Here in Arizona, loads that work in degree heat often perform poorly in the cooler winter months.

Conversely loads identified in winter months often produce velocities that are too high to work during the summer. Most of this is due accurate reloading data changing interior ballistics due to temperature changes and not other differences in atmospheric conditions.

Newest Reloading Data

By identifying the width of your nodes you should accurate reloading data able to find a load the works all accurate reloading data long. Simply use the high end of the node you are loading to if shooting in significantly colder conditions then when the load was developed, and load to the low end if shooting in significantly warmer conditions then when the load was developed.

As mentioned before, changing components will affect performance. Bullets of the same weight but different brand or shape will produce different velocities with the same powder charge.

Accurate clarifies load data changes

This is due to differences in jacket thickness, bullet bearing surface within the bore, gas seal on the base due to shape, hardness of core material, etc. If you change bullet brands in your load, once you determine the new bullet's velocity is above or below the previously identified nodes, all that should be accurate reloading data to make it shoot much better is to adjust the powder charge so the velocity is within the range your barrel likes.

Changing primers will also produce different velocities. Once you have identified what load your gun likes, it is simply a matter of adjusting the powder charge if you change primers.

In the final accuracy analysis the only substantial accurate reloading data between primers may be the thickness of their shells. Is there a real difference when charges are adjusted to deliver the same velocities?