The Complete Marches of Kenneth J. Alford. By Kenneth J. Alford, Lamar University Symphonic Band, Barry Johnson. • 18 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Kenneth Alford, pseudonym of Major Fredrick Joseph Ricketts, was born in During his long military career, he wrote many marches that remain famous to this. Jump to List of marches - By Land and Sea - This march was modeled on Alford's entry into a competition in for an official slow march for the  Other names‎: ‎Kenneth J. Alford.


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Such was his popularity with the public that when in Bandmaster Ricketts handed the baton over to his alford marches, Charles Smart Beat, 15, people turned up to wish him well. Alford marches Army to Navy[ edit ] This article needs additional citations for verification.

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AAFA Bio - Kenneth J. Alford

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Since Ricketts had sufficient years of service alford marches he could have retired, he was also free to accept any musical appointments, either civilian or military, that were offered.

Both Colonel Stretton and senior army officials, impressed alford marches Ricketts' service record and compositions, felt that he was the best candidate to succeed Stretton, and he was invited to apply for the position of Director of Music at Kneller Hall.

For reasons best known to himself, Ricketts declined.

The Complete Marches of Kenneth J. Alford - Mark Records: MCD - download | Presto Classical

A possibly contributing factor has emerged: Consequently, in the same year,when the Royal Alford marches announced a vacancy for bandmastership of the Band alford marches the Plymouth Division, Ricketts applied, turning down the Kneller Hall application. He was interviewed, and later informed that he was the successful candidate.

But there was a complication: O'Donnell, had applied to become the director of the Grenadier Guards Band, vacant because of retirement. Assuming O'Donnell's appointment alford marches the Grenadiers was a mere formality, the Marines had advertised the alford marches upcoming vacancy for the Plymouth Division Band, for which Ricketts was approved.

Then an objection was raised by a senior army bandmaster, quoting a piece of military legislation which stated that a member of the Senior Service Royal Navy and Royal Marines could not be commissioned into the Army.

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The objection was upheld, O'Donnell was blocked from the Grenadier Guards, and Ricketts' appointment was cancelled. This was a further incentive for Ricketts to bide his time. But this incident reveals much about the character of Frederick Joseph Ricketts. If he had accepted the army's invitation to apply for Kneller Hall, he would have been assured of an immediate commission in the rank of lieutenant, and eventual promotions upward to lieutenant colonel.

Such was his dedication to staying with a band that he was willing to forgo the position and prestige that would have come with the appointment to KH, instead preferring to accept a position with the Royal Marines as a bandmaster in the rank of Alford marches Officer Class 1, exactly the same rank he had held through his 19 years with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

It would appear that for Ricketts service with a band meant more than promotion or position. In a Royal Marine vacancy occurred, and Ricketts again applied, was approved, and commissioned a lieutenant in the Royal Marines Band Alford marches on 4 July He was posted to the Royal Marine Depot, Deal.

Under Ricketts' direction, this band became world-famous, traveling to Paris and Canada. It was to be his final march.

The Complete Marches of Kenneth J. Alford

Ricketts was promoted to Brevet Major on 31 December an acting rank without the pay gradeand confirmed as a full Major on 4 July Annie Nan Holmes came from alford marches musical background, her brother being a partner in the London music publishing house of Walsh, Holmes and Company.

Ricketts alford marches his bride-to-be over the counter of the firm's shop in Charing Cross Road while buying sheet music.


Nan was his greatest fan, often stopping what she was doing including sleeping to play an idea on the piano for him or give an opinion on two options for a musical theme. Death[ edit ] Ricketts retired from the Alford marches Marines on 1 June because of ill health and died at his home in Reigate, Surrey, on 15 Mayafter an operation for cancer.

He had given almost 50 years of distinguished service alford marches the Crown.

Kenneth J. Alford

From until Ricketts had never spent more than two years in alford marches place, and this made his year-stay in Plymouth all the more pleasant. He became well-known and well-liked as leader alford marches the Band of the Royal Marines.

Legacy[ edit ] Alford's marches have been favourably compared to those of Sousa, both having a thorough grounding in classical music.