DHS issues Form I, Arrival/Departure Record, to aliens who are: Admitted to the U.S.; Adjusting status while in the U.S.; or Extending their. The entry and exit of holders of U.S. nonimmigrant visa or ESTA in the Visa Waiver Program to and from the U.S. will be documented using the I form. Form I, the Arrival-Departure Record Card, is a form used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) intended to keep track of the arrival and departure  ‎Issuance for arriving aliens · ‎Exceptional cases · ‎USCIS Form I · ‎History.


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Form I, Arrival/Departure Record, Information for Completing USCIS Forms | USCIS

These people may be issued a Form IA. In this case, the new entry is considered to american i-94 form occurred using the I issued at american i-94 form previous entry, and a new Form I is not issued. These people are issued a Form I instead. This applies to two main types of forms: Note that Form I can also be used by people currently outside the United States, but in that case, a Form IB approval notice is issued instead, and this does not include a Form I Rather, in this case, the approval notice is used to obtain a temporary work visa, that the alien then uses to enter the United States and get a Form I from CBP at the american i-94 form of entry.

Certain special rules apply here. Although the paper version of the I form has been dropped, except for land-based entries, the border american i-94 form still record the residence status directly in the passport.

This is done in the form of an entry stamp confirming the date of entry, the visa category american i-94 form the date on which the person must leave the U.


The american i-94 form important data, the traveler will therefore continue carrying in his passport. With the help of a special function in the I form, travelers can also request the latest possible legal departure date at any time after having entered a few biographical details or call up the american i-94 form days in the granted travel period.

The feature can be retrieved on the I website in the "View Compliance" section by entering first and last name passport number issuance country of the passport. As a result, the traveler receives information about how many days he can still remain in the U.

Form I/IW | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in the United Kingdom

Since JanuaryU. Customs and Border Protection CBP will also send reminder reminders 10 days prior to the end of their residency status to remind them of their timely departure. Thus, travelers can better plan their departure and no longer american i-94 form themselves into the situation of missing the timely departure by mistake.

Initially, this e-mail reminder will only be given to Visa Waiver Program Travelers ESTAbut the system will gradually be extended to non-immigrant visa holders as well. The purpose of this feature and e-mail notifications is to give travelers american i-94 form extra reminder to respect the allowed time frame of their stay so they do not overstay.

If an overstay occurred nonetheless, the traveler will be informed by e-mail and forwarded to the I page, where the american i-94 form necessary steps will be communicated. It is of course possible for U.

I Form - US Arrival / Departure Record Form

Among other information, it lists the departure date. In addition, travelers at the border get a stamp in their passport, where once again the date is noted, by which the person must leave american i-94 form the latest. Travelers are obliged to leave american i-94 form United States in due time — so they have to make sure themselves to keep an eye on their allowed maximum period of stay.

Return I form at departure?

I-94 Form - US Arrival / Departure Record Form

Since Maythe departure by plane or ship is recorded on the respective travel information of the airline or the shipping company. These automatically transmit the travel data to the U. At the time of departure, the visitors would american i-94 form had to surrender the paper I to show that they left US before their period of stay expired.

Now the entry-exit system has changed to paperless electronic I