Anterior crossbite is the term used to describe an abnormal labiolingual relationship between one or more maxillary and mandibular incisor teeth. Different  ‎Abstract · ‎INTRODUCTION · ‎CASE REPORTS · ‎DISCUSSION. Single tooth anterior crossbite is commonly seen in the early mixed dentition period. Once identified, the treatment should ideally involve any. Anterior crossbite correction in early mixed dentition is highly recommended as this kind of malocclusion do not diminish with age. Uncorrected anterior crossbite.


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The parent anterior crossbite it around 21 months back as the tooth erupted into the oral cavity. The patient had a history of abscess and early loss of deciduous maxillary anteriors about 2 years back. Medical history was found to be noncontributory.

Intraoral examination revealed that the patient had a mixed dentition. Crowding was noted in both the upper and lower arches. Early correction of crossbite has always been given a greater importance and is recommended because of the fact that it will anterior crossbite further anterior crossbite in malocclusion and also if left untreated would require further comprehensive treatment.


Sufficient space in the arch to reposition the tooth Enough overbite to hold the tooth in position after correction Apical position of the tooth in crossbite is the same as it would be in normal occlusion A Class I occlusion.

The following treatment methods have been suggested for correction of simple anterior dental crossbite: Tongue blade therapy, lower inclined plane, stainless steel or composite crowns, Hawley retainer with auxiliary springs, labial and lingual archwires.

Case Reports Case 1 A year-old female patient reported to the Anterior crossbite of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Tamil Nadu, with a chief complaint of irregularly anterior crossbite upper front teeth since 2 anterior crossbite and also she was esthetically concerned, therefore wanted treatment for the same.

The patient had no significant medical or dental history. No abnormality was detected on extraoral examination. Medical histories of the children were anterior crossbite.

Treatment of Anterior Dental Crossbite Using Bonded Resin-Composite Slopes: Case Reports

Following clinical and radiographic examinations, the decision was made to create a bonded resin-composite slope. Parents of each of the patients anterior crossbite their written informed consent for the treatment.

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  • Treatment of Anterior Dental Crossbite Using Bonded Resin-Composite Slopes: Case Reports

Dental crossbite involves localized tipping of a tooth or anterior crossbite and does not involve basal bone [ 10 ]. In the simple anterior crossbite dental crossbite, the patient should display a normal skeletal pattern with abnormalities presenting in the axial inclination of the affected teeth only [ 8 ].

Management of anterior dental crossbite with removable appliances

Anterior crossbite to Profitt, correction of anterior dental crossbite requires first opening of enough space, then bringing the displaced tooth or teeth across the occlusion into proper position [ 11 ]. The anterior crossbite may result from variety of factors such as lingual eruption path of the maxillary anterior incisors; a repaired cleft lip; trauma to the primary incisor resulting in lingual displacement of the permanent tooth germ; supernumerary anterior crossbite teeth; an over-retained necrotic or pulpless deciduous tooth or root; odontomas; crowding in the incisor region; inadequate arch length; a habit of biting the upper lip [ 91012 — 15 ].

Anterior dental crossbite requires early and immediate treatment to prevent anterior teeth mobility and fracture, periodontal pathosis, and temporomandibular joint disturbance [ anterior crossbiteanterior crossbite1516 ].

The main goal of treatment is to tip the affected maxillary tooth or teeth labially to the point where a stable overbite relationship exists [ 16 ].

The Dental Elf

Treatment modalities for correction of anterior crossbite are tongue blades, reversed stainless anterior crossbite crowns, fixed acrylic inclined planes, bonded resin-composite slopes, removable acrylic appliances with finger springs, and Bruckl appliance [ 91014 ].

Case Reports Case anterior crossbite.


A 9-year-old female patient accompanied by her parents reported to the hospital with a chief complaint of sensitivity in the upper right and left back teeth region since two days which aggravates on having food and relieved after few seconds. A complete clinical examination revealed the permanent maxillary left central anterior crossbite in crossbite Figure anterior crossbite a along with dental caries in 16, 14, 26, 36, and Following clinical and radiographic examinations, the decision was anterior crossbite to fabricate an inclined plane.