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It's not the first time I've heard of the concept, but it's certainly the most detailed one and includes several diagrams. Here's an excerpt of the text permission is given for free use of the material in the book: After obtaining a translation by a German journalist, in English, I was amazed at the information contained in the story, and was surprised that the article had slipped anti gravity and the world grid the suppression net which tends to keep such knowledge from leaking out to the public.

Anti-Gravity and the World Grid (Lost Science by David Hatcher Childress

All the similar types of stories that I had read up until now were generally devoid of specific information necessary to prove the veracity of the account. In this case a full set anti gravity and the world grid geometric measurements were taken, and I discovered, to my great delight, that when they were converted to their equivalent geodetic measures, relating to grid harmonics the values gave a direct association with those in the unified harmonic equations published in my earlier works.

The following extracts are translations taken from the German article: Swedish engineer Olaf Alexanderson wrote about this phenomenon in the publication, Implosion No. The following report is based on observations which were made only 20 years ago in Tibet.

I have this report from civil engineer and flight manager, Henry Kjelson, a friend of mine.

Anti-Gravity and the World Grid

He later on included this report in his book, The Lost Techniques. This is his report.


A Swedish doctor, Dr. Jarl, a friend of Kjelsons, studied at Oxford.


During those times he became friends with a young Tibetan student. A couple of years later, it wasDr. Jarl made a journey to Egypt for the English Scientific Society. There he anti gravity and the world grid seen by a messenger of his Tibetan friend, and urgently requested to come to Tibet to treat a high Lama.

Anti-gravity and the World Grid - Google книги

Jarl got the leave he followed the messenger and arrived after a long journey by plane and Yak caravans, at the monastery, where the old Lama and his friend who anti gravity and the world grid now holding a high position were now living.

Jarl stayed there for some time, and because of his friendship with the Tibetans he learned a lot of things that other foreigners had no chance to hear about or observe.

One day his friend took him to a place in the neighbourhood of the monastery and showed him a sloping meadow anti gravity and the world grid was surrounded in the north west by high cliffs.

In one of the rock walls, at a height of about metres was a big hole which looked like the entrance to a cave.

In front of this hole there was a platform on anti gravity and the world grid the monks were building a rock wall. The only access to this platform was from the top of the cliff and the monks lowered themselves down with the help of ropes.

In the middle of the meadow, about metres from the cliff, was a polished slab of rock with a bowl like cavity in the centre. The bowl had a diameter of one metre and a depth of 15 centimetres. A block of stone was manoeuvred into this cavity by Yak oxen.

The block was one metre wide and one and one half anti gravity and the world grid long.