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Laws of Friction - Mechanics - Engineering Reference with Worked Examples

The calculations in this text have all been made with the assistance of a slide rule and it is recommended that the reader acquire a slide rule to make full use of this publication. The topics applied mechanics friction include forces and moments; beams, shear force, and bending moment diagrams; velocity and acceleration; friction; and work, power, and energy.


It should be stressed that the above laws are experimental and are accepted as the basis for the mathematical treatment of friction. Modern theory applied mechanics friction that the force of friction is in fact due to the non-rigidity of bodies.

Laws of Friction

When one body rests on applied mechanics friction, there is always an area of contact, which is much smaller than the apparent area and also depends on the the normal pressure between the bodies.

Friction is considered to be due to the fusion of materials of which the bodies are composed over the area of contact.

This ratio is usually denoted by. Thus if the Normal applied mechanics friction is R, the limiting friction is For given materials polished to the same standard is found to be constant and independent of R.

Law 5 When motion takes place, the direction of friction is opposite to the direction of relative motion and is independent of velocity. The magnitude of the force of friction is in a constant ratio to the Normal reaction, but this ratio may be slightly less than when the body is just applied mechanics friction the point of moving.

By table of contents Book description Applied Mechanics for Engineers, Volume 1 provides an introduction to applied mechanics friction applied to engineering.

The worked examples correspond to the first year of the Ordinary National C