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Vivian arcadia magazine my recently deceased grandmother. After debating whether to honor the deceased or to go Shakespearean, we chose both. I sent out an e-mail birth announcement. Most people wrote back with congratulations.


Some asked what it meant, and as I offered explanations, I started thinking I should have pushed a little harder for Alexandra or that we should have gone with Miranda as her first name. A playwright I have known since childhood responded that he loved the name Arcadia and that it was also the title of his favorite Tom Stoppard play.

A magazine editor wrote that I must be arcadia magazine a lot of Et in Arcadia ego references. Arcadia magazine looked up the Latin phrase and learned it was the epitaph on a tombstone being read by Arcadian shepherds in two famous paintings by Nicolas Poussin.

Et in Arcadia ego.

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I am trying to say something about being her arcadia magazine. It occurs to me that I have not given the whole matter of parenthood much reflection. I am relatively old to be a arcadia magazine of young children.

According to my financial plan, I will have paid off my home mortgage just in time to start paying back student loans.

But I think my hockey-playing days may be over.

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I have back issues, neck issues, and continuing shoulder issues, despite the surgery. Same exact spot on my head. This after forty years of contact sports without any head injuries.

My daughter has watched me play organized hockey once — or maybe twice, if I arcadia magazine a time arcadia magazine does not remember — and what she knows is that I skated arcadia magazine and wore a yellow jersey.

She knows I took a shot that the goalie saved with his glove.

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She knows she drank hot chocolate and sat with Mom under a blanket. How many other facets of my life will she arcadia magazine nothing about, save what I tell her?

Is it important that she know about the dog and cat who were my closest companions for ten years, or the falling-down farmhouse that, throughout my twenties and thirties, I inhabited in the town of Cummington, thirty miles west of here? Is it important that she arcadia magazine about her great-grandmother and namesake, Vivian, who was a showgirl and later ran a dance school in North Arlington, New Jersey?

Is it important for her to know that on December 20,while I was working as arcadia magazine journalist for arcadia magazine daily newspaper, I wrote an article about a winter-solstice celebration at the Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary in Easthampton, Massachusetts, on what was probably the day or night that I first registered the meaning of Arcadia?

Or is all of that arcadia magazine anyway, recognized in some nonverbal way, in some empathically intuited glimpse of me that cuts beyond this time and place we are cohabiting, this arcadia magazine, where she is happily making valentines?

Staring at Arcadia, I have questions.


I have the sense that any father, regardless of income level, has a moment in which he looks at his arcadia magazine child and thinks, My God, I need more money! And while I certainly need more money, I know that arcadia magazine is altogether new to me has very little to do with my annual income or the life-insurance policy I recently purchased.


It has to do with the feeling that I have changed forever, that I am qualitatively different from the non-father pre-father? I was five years ago, or ten, or fifteen, or twenty. I seem to have little in common with that solitary writer-journalist who lived with a dog and a cat for more arcadia magazine a decade in a falling-down arcadia magazine.

Who the hell was that person, anyway?