Mas ocmandos del archiforma. ArchiCAD Basic Training Lesson 1 | QuickStart Course Overview - Duration. Reinforcement toolbox. With ArchiForma, ArchiCAD users are given a new series of basic programmes, and on-line tutorial at The version of GDL described in this manual is compatible with ArchiCAD , If you have an object-making add-on like Trussmaker, ArchiForma or GDL The 15 is a 'masking code' and simply tells the slab to be drawn as a Solid and.


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You are advised to use mainly the Fill tool with opaque fill, so that the object is solid against a coloured background and not transparent. Be warned that the object is not scale sensitive, so text and line widths and vectorial fills may appear differently according to the scale of the final drawing.

Bring it straight back by selecting a library part from the Toolbox and placing it in the Floor archiforma archi cad 15 tutorial next to the original drawing. Normally, the most recent library part saved is the first object that appears when you place an object in the plan.

Setting up Open a new ArchiCAD file, load your standard library, and load a new folder to use as your working library and save the new file to that folder or to somewhere convenient. Zoom in to somewhere near the Origin of the Floor Plan, so that you are viewing an area of the grid that is a little larger than the furniture you wish archiforma archi cad 15 tutorial build.

Try to work at or near the real origin, not a temporary one.

Archicad v VW Architect - Architecture - Vectorworks Community Board

Hairlines help with 3D building, True line weight helps with making 2D objects. Check the size of the sanitary fitting, and set the A width and B depth values archiforma archi cad 15 tutorial the parameter table correctly, or your drawing will be distorted when it is an object.

One benefit of method 3 is that you can return to add more detail to the drawing in the 2D archiforma archi cad 15 tutorial window and you can decorate it with the hotspots of your choice on key parts of the object, like the corners and the plugholes.

All the 2D and 3D data was imported, but you may be faced with colossal quantities of script. You may be disappointed with the result.

Introduction to Object Making with ArchiCAD by David Nicholson-Cole - Issuu

Archiforma archi cad 15 tutorial you attempt to edit these you will need a lot of luck and guesswork. The most you can be sure of editing successfully is the 2D symbol, and in the 3D, some IF statements added by you to hide or show portions; and insert some material and pen numbers.

It may also be a very long way from the Origin. Solids may be inside-out hollow things. You may find that the very high number of polygons leaves you with a model that has so many surfaces that require calculations archiforma archi cad 15 tutorial shading that your rendering times become unacceptable.

Many objects can be found by some smart searching with Google. Check the file format before downloading.

Cadimage Slab Edges for ArchiCAD 15 - Part One - Самые лучшие видео

Then you have the option to clean it up, get the scale right and make it into a 2D Library part as in the earlier section. Click on the file you want. You can opt for Default Translator.

You have to be prepared to do some fixing, e. Build up the table, starting with the table top, and add the legs and frame.

Cadimage Slab Edges for ArchiCAD 15 - Part One

For each part, use the settings dialog box to get the height of the slab correct. Remember that the height altitude of the slab is the top and the archiforma archi cad 15 tutorial is the amount of slab below the top.

If you build from walls, the altitude of a wall is its base, and the height of the wall is above the base.


It helps you later if you want to tweak some of the GDL to build over the main origin. If you have made a temporary origin somewhere else and the main origin is greyed out, just select the Origin tool and click on the grey main origin. We can use the curving function in the Archiforma archi cad 15 tutorial palette to soften the edges of the object.

Remember also that you need to set the materials of the tabletop and legs using the Slab settings dialog box. A cylindrical element like the chair leg could be made by magic wanding a slab to a circular arc, or by bringing in a cylinder from the ArchiCAD Library.

Perhaps the best way is to use the Column tool, set to the right dimension and materials. If you use the grid, you can make the table reasonably accurate archiforma archi cad 15 tutorial dimensions.