I would really really like to learn Armenian!!!!! It is 25% of my heritage, I would love to visit Armenia one day knowing the language and to be able to speak with. The Armenian language (հայերեն [hɑjɛˈɾɛn] hayeren) is an Indo-European language spoken by the Armenians. Your best choice to learn Armenian in Los Angeles is the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute. Our faculty and language courses are proven, effective, and popular with.


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Choose a language and begin to enjoy the extraordinary benefit of being bilingual or multilingual. Private Classes Some students prefer private lessons instead of a scheduled class, or occasionally take private classes to augment their existing, scheduled group course.

Private classes are tailored to specific needs, and can be useful if a student's language knowledge is uneven, if a more intensified study program is needed, or if scheduling and privacy is a concern. With our armenian language learning staff of native speakers, we can schedule private lessons in most languages.

Private lessons are available in packages of eight, minute sessions; or, if you are enrolled in a group class, your private lesson can be scheduled individually. armenian language learning

How to Learn Armenian (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Alternative Programs The majority of our scheduled language classes are designed for armenian language learning students who want to learn another language. We also offer the following alternative programs. English Accent Reduction Classes evaluate the student's problem areas and focus on exercises designed to target and remedy those areas.

Our Accent Reduction course focuses on pronunciation, stress, enunciation, diction, tonality, musicality, syntax, and articulation, through vowel and consonant exercises, work chants, tongue twisters, and readings.

Armenian language learning attention is given to each student's area of difficulty.

Discover how to learn Armenian (Eastern) with the Pimsleur Method.

armenian language learning English Native Speaker These classes are for those who grew up speaking English but want to improve and refine their English.

Designed to give you the critical edge in English communication, they target grammar, spelling, and pronunciation.


Little Linguals Designed for children aged 6 — 11, our "Little Lingual" classes meet once a week during armenian language learning afternoon for one hour.

Children aged 12 and above can join our regularly scheduled adult classes.

These exciting classes are geared to get an early start on language learning while helping children enjoy and appreciate a different culture. This is the best time for them to learn a foreign language.

The younger the learner, the better they are at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation. Armenian language learning brain is open to new sounds and patterns in preadolescence. Young children have the luxury of taking in a new language naturally.

Learn Armenian

A child's brain is like a sponge, soaking up new vocabulary, sentence structure, words stress, pronunciation, and everything that makes up language quickly, easily - and, most importantly, without explicit grammatical instruction. When you're armenian language learning adult, learning a new language takes a bit more effort!

Young children have time to learn through play-like activities. This has native-speaker pronunciation and is a fun way to learn vocabulary by topic, like color, vegetables, transportation etc. Armenian language learning if you need a helpful phrasebook for when you first arrive, a good app is Onboard Armenian.

Armenian language learning has basic survival phrases with transliteration to roman characters and native pronunciation audio. If you go to Yerevan, I also have a great real-life teacher now that I can recommend, just send me a message. Good luck with your Armenian!

The course is meant to prepare Peace Corps volunteers and others to be able to interact in the most common situation they will face when in country. Topics on this course include:

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