Shia tafseer Ashra Mubashra hi haqeeqat hae by molana ishaq - Duration: Lives of Sahaba Ashra Mubashra(عشرہ مبشرہ)Ashra Mubashra; The Ten Blessed Companions of Prophet (P.B.W) Who Promised. The Islamic prophet, Muhammad, specified ten of his companions who were promised paradise. Those companions named in this hadith are referred to as The.


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The narration of the Ashra is only one of many hadiths in which these men are praised by the Prophet — peace be upon him —. Many of ashra mubashra narrations are very explicit, like the two narrations in the chapters of merits of the first three caliphs that have been accepted as ashra mubashra by scholars.

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The first ashra mubashra the famous narration of Anas in Saheeh Al-Bukhari in which he narrates that the Prophet — peace be upon him — was on top of Uhud along with Abu Bakr, Omar, and Uthman. The Prophet — peace be upon him — said: The second narration, in Al-Bukharifrom the narration of Abu Ashra mubashra that the Prophet — peace be upon him — told Abu Musa to go to Abu Bakr, Omar, and Uthman and give them the good news that they are from the people of paradise.


Even though we have provided some of these merits above from Saheeh Al-Bukhari, we would like to assure our doubting Shia readers ashra mubashra these narrations can be found in several other ashra mubashra as well.

Conclusion By skimming through works of hadith, we will ashra mubashra find explicit praise for the rest of the ten, as well as general merits for the Muhajireen in general, and those that participated in Badr and Hudaibiya.

However, the above is sufficient to show that Shias do not have a case by attacking the hadith of the Ashra Mubashra.


Rejecting the narration of the Ashra Mubashra is fruitless, ashra mubashra one rejects all the authentic reports that praise the ten individually. The onus is on you to prove to us that these men were infallibles and they did not wrong Allah, Prophet SAWQuran or Ashra mubashra during their life times.

If you believe that they will eventually enter paradise after being appropriately punished for their sins, then the ashra mubashra is meaningless because this applies to everyone and not only to the ten mentioned.

Several things raise the doubts about these traditions and supports the belief that they were fabricated forgeries for political reasons to elevate the adversaries of the Imam Ali and the remainder Family of the Household of the prophet.

A reasonable person can not judge, unconditionally, that an ordinary fallible human being is guaranteed paradise, therefore, is immune from Hell Fire. One who is open to the possibility of committing sinful acts, by his nature, can not be predictable. Especially, if promised paradise while not ashra mubashra, he would have the tendency to act freely due to his feeling of assurance that his acts will have no bearing on his outcome.

Ashra mubashra is, therefore, not logical nor reasonable that the prophet would promise such an outcome early on to people of an unknown future. If this hadith were indeed true, then how come one did not see Uthman use it in protest against those who found it lawful to murder him.

Nor did any of his companions come to his aid, protesting the unlawfulness of killing someone who is guaranteed paradise.


Actually, it would have been unlawful for them to stay ashra mubashra in this matter. The fact of the matter is the hadith were fabricated at a later date.

Ashra Mubashra - Hadith Grading / Refuting Doubts -

Besides the questionable hadith, what convinces you that the 10 are guaranteed heaven? Talha and Zubair fought Imam Ali, resulted the killing ashra mubashra hundreds of Muslims at Jamal, and all three of them will be in heaven? History testifies that anyone who fought Hz Ali, was on the wrong path, whether it be the Kufar of mecca, the Jews of Khaiber, the wife of the prophet, Ayesha, or the great companion Muawiya.

Do you ashra mubashra that the murderer and the murdered, both will be in paradise even if they opposed each other and fought each other which resulted in killings of their own selves as well as many other Muslims.

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If the hadith is true, then it would have been a revelation to Prophet SAW.