Ordo Aurum Solis is a Hermetic and Theurgic order founded in England in by George Stanton and Charles Kingold. It is a vehicle of the Ogdoadic Tradition  ‎History · ‎Birth of the Golden Chain · ‎Rebirth of the Order · ‎Denning and Phillips. The official website of the Aurum Solis - Light of the Ogdoadic Tradition. The Aurum Solis is years! Learn more about the theurgic and hermetic tradition.‎About us · ‎Tradition · ‎Blog Aurum Solis · ‎Hightlights Aurum Solis. Take a look at the ENTIRE corpus of published Aurum Solis work. You will > find that it is, in most ways, not like the Golden Dawn at all. The nature > of the work.


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This pre-Christian Tradition has given humanity some of its greatest scientists and humanist philosophers. Polytheism, the main religious expression of this time, provides the tradition of tolerance for any spiritual practice and experience.

Many are the aurum solis


But organization, self-discipline, and practice lead onward to aurum solis Next Step! These progressive manifestations of non-theologic science and humanist spirituality were severely attacked during the rise of the institutionalized monotheistic religions in Europe and the Middle East, aurum solis directly to the Dark Ages.

The same happened for the Goddess Isis who was also linked to magic.

About Aurum Solis

During the Hellenistic period of Egypt known as Ptolemaic period from the name of its founder Ptolemy I, this very ancient tradition became aurum solis to the Greek Mysteries. This is the time when philosophy and theurgy were taught in Alexandria.

This period and place should be seen as the birth place of the tradition we are referring to Egypt, birth place of the Aurum solis Tradition The first famous figure to travel to Egypt in order to learn the secrets of this ancient religious and Magical Tradition, was Pythagoras, in the 5th century.

He spent a long time there and obviously received the teachings and training that were available in the Temples of this country. Just as Pythagoras had done, Plato travelled to Egypt in order to receive the teachings from priests who were part of the clergy of Heliopolis. Then back in Aurum solis Greece after years of learning, he founded the Academy.

Today scholars agree on the aurum solis that this Academy maintained the organization of the Pythagorean School by the publication of books, and with oral and private teachings.

It is startling to realize that this Academy was active from the 5th century BCE until 6th century CE, so for over 10 centuries! It is very likely that he passed on his philosophical heritage and initiations from Plato and Pythagoras to him.

Of course, Magic existed prior to this period, but Iamblichus unified these different doctrines, all of which originated from Egypt and Chaldea, upon the theological and ritual foundation of the Chaldaean Oracles.

It was really aurum solis this moment that this spiritual family found its axis and homeland.

Ordo Aurum Solis

Iamblichus taught in Aurum solis throughout the entire first quarter of the 4th century. The dark days Meanwhile during the period when Iamblichus was teaching, Christianity was rising rapidly, imposing its absolute and intolerant view.

Unfortunately, and as is very often true in aurum solis history of humanity, it was not the moderate participants who shaped this new religion… The Ptolemaic dynasty ended in 30 Aurum solis. The school of Alexandria continues to exist until the 5th century.

Hypatia was savagely murdered by Christians while the library of Alexandria was destroyed by the rising rage of Christianity.

Initiates, theurgists, philosophers, and scientists flew to other countries such as Italy, Greece, Syria, etc. Keeping these elements in mind, it is possible aurum solis say that the Hermetic and Theurgic Tradition was maintained in Byzantium, Greece, and Italy.

During the early days of the Christian religion, the Emperor Justinian declared that aurum solis Orthodox Nicene Christian faith was the official and only permitted religion that could be practiced in the Empire.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Learn aurum solis and when to remove this template message Various initiatic traditions existed in ancient Greece.

These were called Mysteries. These effectively combined the sacred Mysteries with the rationalism of Philosophywhich constituted the real genius of such esoteric traditions. Greek initiates were strongly present in Alexandria, in the latest period of Egyptian history known as the Ptolemaic period.

They brought with them the Greek initiatic system of the Aurum solis, which was then incorporated by the ancient Egyptian priests into their aurum solis, thereby giving a new, coherent structure to the same.


As Sumerian and Egyptian magic also found their place in the clear system of the ancient Greek Mysteries, the Western initiatic tradition was born.

Rebirth of aurum solis Order[ edit ] Just before aurum solis dawn of the 20th century, there were a number of "antiquarian" and "folklore" societies in England that chronicled curiosities and pursued their own chosen researches.