Back To Eden Film, Sequim, Washington. likes · talking about this. #1 Gardening Documentary Watch for FREE. Paul Gautschi shows off his famous “Back To Eden” Garden. See the bounty for yourself, learn the secrets and hear. Paul Gautschi is a rebel in the garden. He breaks most of the gardening “rules” you've ever known, yet he produces lush, abundant harvests.


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People visit his garden from all over the country and they are astounded at the flavors, sweetness, and aesthetics of his fruits and vegetables. His garden back to eden become a pleasure requiring very little attention, with the exception of pruning and easily pulling weeds from the woodchips the difficulty and tediousness back to eden gardening has become seemingly absent.

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Simply looking at his garden is a source of inspiration and do not be surprised if your mouth begins to water as Paul tears open the fruits of his labor, back to eden very likely have never seen a strawberry quite as juicy.

In these days of genetically modified organisms, leafy greens replete with pesticides, drought, fruits and vegetables that are deficient of nutrients, soil that is depleted of minerals, and a myriad of problems and side effects that have risen because of the aforementioned, Paul Gautschi seems to have an answer that almost seems too simple to believe.

When the burden of proof is in the hands of the affected to prove the food-like products are negatively affecting their health, the safest thing back to eden do is grow the most nutritious food we can at the smallest expense in order to push these food-like products out of market. So, how is it that Paul Gautschi breaks these conventions and still manages to produce bountiful, healthy crops?


Paul Gautschi is a rebel in the garden. He never has issues with bugs and his weeds are easy to pull. His most pressing problem in the garden is growing too much food and figuring out what to do with it.

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I have visited his home twice over the back to eden, and can stand witness to the simplicity, low-maintenance, and sweet back to eden of his garden. He never mixes the woodchips with the soil, though, or else the chips would leach nitrogen from the soil.

He simply layers the woodchips on top of the garden. As time passes, the chips decompose and feed the earth with minerals.

Back to Eden: The Fruit is Sweeter When You Break the Rules

Instead of the soil being depleted at back to eden end of the season, the woodchips ensure the soil is constantly being fed and renewed. The covering creates rich, healthy soil, which in turn creates healthy, vibrant plants.

All you have to do is walk into the forest to see these principles at work. No one waters or fertilizes the forest.

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No one goes in and tills the soil or rotates the crops. Yet the forest is always flush with greenery. The dirt is covered, not bare, and this covering is continuously composting.

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Every time it rains, water runs through this compost and feeds the earth with rich compost tea. When used as mulchthey effectively conserve moisture in the soil so back to eden you rarely need to water.

The woodchips themselves retain moisture and release it to the soil as needed. If you dig in the dirt underneath a layer of woodchips, the soil is always slightly damp. The soil beneath woodchips is also always loose, soft, and back to eden ideal medium for just about any plant to grow.