Baptist Faith & Message ( Tract) is a page tract containing the statement of faith and message adopted by the Southern Baptist. THE BAPTIST FAITH & MESSAGE. I. The Scriptures. The Holy Bible was written by men who were divinely influenced. The Holy Bible is God's explaining. On June 14, , the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a revised summary of the Southern Baptist faith. The committee's report says in part: Baptists.


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Meeting over a period of several months, we baptist faith message 2000 the confessional history of our denomination and considered the challenges faced by the Baptists of this generation. We were guided by the rich heritage embodied in the and editions of the Baptist Faith and Message. We have sought to retain all the strengths of that noble heritage, to clarify the truths there expressed, and to address the needs of our own times.

Baptists cherish our doctrinal inheritance. We are a people of the Book, who recognize no other authority for faith and practice but God's Word. Thus, we receive and affirm those doctrines revealed in the Bible, and we are unembarrassed to take our stand upon the solid rock of biblical authority.

Our confessions represent statements of those doctrines revealed in the Bible. The Bible is the source of our authority, not merely a support for our historic doctrines. Inthe Southern Baptist Convention first adopted the Baptist Faith and Message as a public statement of our faith and doctrine.

Nearly forty years later, faced with new challenges and questions, the Convention adopted a revised edition of the Baptist Faith and Message in Now, again nearly four decades after the Convention's last comprehensive action, a new generation must baptist faith message 2000 up the stewardship of the faith "once for all delivered to the saints" [Jude 3].


Baptist faith message 2000 generation faces the reality of a postmodern culture, complete with rampant relativism and the denial of absolute truth. A pervasive secularism has infected our society and its corrosive effects are evident throughout the life of our nation.

Baptist faith message 2000 decay and assaults upon cherished truths dominate the arena in which we must now minister, and to which we must now proclaim the Gospel.

Our profound respect for the heritage of the previous statements is reflected in the intentional decision of our committee to incorporate language from both the and editions in our recommendation. Both of these historic statements speak to the present, as well as the past.

Scripture instructs us always to be ready "to give an baptist faith message 2000 for the hope that is within us [I Peter 3: It would seem illegal, at least unethical, to require such compliance. Other critics see in the BFM an apparent weakening of the historic conviction that each local Baptist congregation is free and autonomous under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

The Baptist Faith and Message

They have fiercely defended the right of every congregation to make its own decisions as they believe God leads them — even if others believe they are wrong. This does not mean that a local church can believe anything and still have the right to participate in associations or conventions. Baptist conventions and associations are also autonomous and can set limits and criteria for participation.

But to some, the BFM seems to signal a trend toward more authoritarian control — even if subtle and informal - over local congregations. As an example of this trend, critics point out that along with the deletions discussed above, BFM also deleted from BFM This issue will be discussed further in number 7 below.

There are features in BFM that some believe give, for the first time, a distinct Calvinistic slant to the statement. Since Al Mohler, a leading shaper of BFM, claims to be a Calvinist, it is easy to suspect that some of the changes have more to do with Calvinistic theology than Baptist faith message 2000 history.

It appears to baptist faith message 2000 an effort to redirect SBC theology to what Mohler calls the Calvinism of the original founders of Southern Seminary - in contrast to the more balanced theology of E.

An Analysis of the Baptist Faith and Message

Baptist faith message 2000 and later seminary leaders. The difference is in how it is limited…. One evidence of this Calvinist tone is the apparent mistrust of personal experience expressed in several of the revisions of BFM It prefers to think of the essence of Christianity as a set of unrevisable doctrinal propositions rather than a direct experience of grace, an encounter with the living Christ.