A good knowledge of basic science is essential for all those who wish to pass the MRCP exam. This book contains multiple choice questions arranged by. Item 1 - 67 - Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences than the basic recall type of questions.3, 4 PBL content assessment using MCQs in combination with. A good knowledge of basic science is essential for all those who wish to pass the MRCP exam. This book contains multiple choice.


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Issue represents our best effort to date.

There is a variety of presentations from manuscripts to Letters to the Editor. There is a medical case on what do when a student cheats.


There are monographs on medical education and research papers. I trust every one of you will find a contribution which will resonate with your own needs in medical education.

My time as editor has seen the journal grow from two issues a year with about papers, mostly as research and commentary, to where we publish 4 times a year with an equivalent level of accepted papers, and we have developed several ways to be able basic medical sciences mcqs publish a peer-reviewed effort.

While we have never had as extensive a volume asour, per issue, number of contributions has steadily risen every basic medical sciences mcqs that I have been Editor-in-Chief.

We have achieved some national listing for the journal, and our reputation as a quality journal has grown significantly.

Medical Sciences (Sample Quiz)

More listings are in the future and the prestige we have achieved will not fade. I am proud of what we have achieved as an editorial board. None of this could have been achieved without the selfless and superior help of Dr. Marshall Anderson, and the superb editorial board consisting basic medical sciences mcqs Drs.

Thanks to all of them for making my job easier.

So, with this Editor-in-Chief statement, my time as Editor- in-Chief ends. I have enjoyed this job, and it has been very satisfying to see so many international contributions come to fruition of publication.

MCQs for Medical Science Subjects – Multiple Choice Question | Multiple Choice Question

My very best to all of you, Uldis N. In one type of leukaemia, this mutation generates the Philadelphia chromosome, which contains reciprocally exchanged genetic material. Organs such as the basic medical sciences mcqs rely heavily on glucose as their main source of energy in the well-fed state, while many other tissues can utilize other substrates in addition to glucose, depending on their relative abundance.

Which single cell type relies exclusively on glucose as its only source of energy?

Medical Sciences (Sample Quiz) | MCQ Quiz | Synap

A year-old man has a chest X-ray examination to investigate a dry cough that has persisted for 4 weeks. He has taken medication for hypertension basic medical sciences mcqs the last 10 years, but is basic medical sciences mcqs in good health.

The lung fields are clear radiologically, but the cardiac shadow appears enlarged, and the cardiac: What is the single most likely mechanism by which the cardiac abnormality has occurred?

This method involves cutting DNA with restriction enzymes, separating the fragments by electrophoresis on an agarose gel, and then probing with complementary DNA to identify a gene of interest.

MCQs for Medical Science Subjects

In the propaedeutic phase of the study programmes for medicine basic medical sciences mcqs biomedical sciences, 4-week courses are assessed by a written examination including multiple-choice questions MCQsextended matching questions EMQsor a combination of the two [ 2 ].

Traditional MCQs require students to basic medical sciences mcqs the best answer from a short list of alternatives that are preselected by the examiner. The MCQ examination format is most frequently used in medical education due to its convenience for testing and grading large-size classes [ 23 ].

Various experts discourage the use of MCQs, arguing that they promote memorization and factual recall, and that they do not encourage or test high-level cognitive processes such as reasoning or problem solving [ 45 ].