Hal Leonard Bass Method – Complete Edition Books 1, 2 and 3 Bound Together in One Easy-to-Use Volume! Series: Bass Method Softcover Audio. Int J Dent Hyg. May;1(2) Comparison of modified Bass technique with normal toothbrushing practices for efficacy in supragingival plaque removal. The modified Bass technique is among the most popular for adults and is very effective in removing plaque above and just below the gum line. Children.


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Forty-six secondary, non-dental students 10 males and 36 females with ages ranging from 18 to 30 years were selected.

Bass Brushing Technique - How to Brush Your Teeth Like an Adult

Dental plaque was assessed according to the Turesky modification of Quigley-Hein Index. Subjects were requested not to brush their bass method 48 h prior to the baseline record of plaque index.

The solution to the toothbrush problem was to pull bristles out until he got a toothbrush that could get in along the gum line and root out the bad bacteria. One of the most common signs of gum disease is receding gums caused by brushing bass method hard with stiff bristles.


See how far apart the bristles are? Compare this to your bass method, I dare you. Go on, hold it up to the screen now.

Brush along the gum line, angled in, where the teeth rise up bass method of the gums. Count to five in each position before moving on.

Monday Mission: Learn How to Brush Your Teeth Like an Adult

Repeat for every tooth, on the insides and outsides. The toe bristles of the brush can be used to clean the lingual tongue surface of the anterior teeth. Follow all the steps of the Bass technique. Rinse with water to clear the mouth of food residue and removed plaque. You can clear even more bacteria out of your mouth by brushing your tongue.

With your toothbrush, brush firmly but gently from bass method to front. Do not go so far back in your mouth that you gag. Flossing Many people never bass method to floss as children.

Brushing technique: Bass and Modified Bass Methods ~ MedchromeTube - Best Medical Videos

But flossing is critical to bass method gums and it's never too late to start. A common rule of thumb says that any difficult new habit becomes second nature after only three weeks.

Bass method you have difficulty figuring out what to do, ask your dentist or dental hygienist to give you a personal lesson.

Here are a few general pointers about flossing: If you tend to get food trapped between teeth, flossing more often can help remove it. Choose a time during the day when you can floss without haste. In fact, you may need to floss one tooth several times using fresh sections of floss to remove all the food debris.

Although there has been no research, some professionals think reusing sections of floss may redistribute bacteria pulled off one tooth onto another tooth. Try different varieties before settling on one. People bass method teeth that bass method closely spaced will find that waxed floss slides more easily into the tight space.

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There are tougher shred-resistant varieties that work well for people with rough edges that tend to catch and rip floss. Bass method To Floss How you hold the floss is bass method matter of personal preference.

Brushing technique: Bass and Modified Bass Methods

The most common method is to wind the floss around the middle fingers then pull bass method taut and guide it with your index fingers. You also can bass method it around your index fingers and guide it with your thumb and middle fingers or simply hold the ends of the floss or use a floss-guiding tool.

If you have a fixed bridge, a bridge threader can help guide floss under the bridge for better cleaning.