Behistun. Behistun or Bisotun: town in Iran, site of several ancient monuments, including a famous inscription by the Persian king Darius I the. The Behistun inscription is a "rosetta stone" for Old Persian, Elamite, and Akkadian language, but it was also a billboard for Darius the ges‎: ‎Old Persian, Elamite, Akkadian. The Behistun Inscription, carved into a cliff side, gives the same text in three languages, telling the story of King Darius' conquests, with the  ‎The inscription · ‎Depiction in history · ‎Translation efforts · ‎Translation.


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Eight of my dynasty were kings before me; I am the ninth.

Nine in succession we have been kings. By the grace of Ahuramazda am I king; Ahuramazda has granted me the kingdom. These are the countries which are subject unto me, and by the grace of Ahuramazda I became king of them: These are the behistun inscription which are subject to me; by the grace of Ahuramazda they became subject to me; they brought tribute unto me.

Whatsoever commands have been behistun inscription on them by me, by night or by day, have been performed by them. Within these lands, whosoever was a friend, him have I surely protected; whosoever was hostile, him have I utterly destroyed.


By the grace of Ahuramazda these lands have conformed to my behistun inscription as it was commanded unto them by me, so was it done. Ahuramazda has granted unto me this empire.

Author: K. E. Eduljee

Ahuramazda brought me help, until I gained this empire; by the grace of Ahuramazda do I hold this behistun inscription. The following is what was done by me after I became king. That Cambyses had a brother, Smerdis [Bardiya] behistun inscription name, of the same mother and the same father as Cambyses.


Afterwards, Cambyses slew this Smerdis. When Cambyses slew Smerdisit was not known unto the people that Smerdis was slain. Thereupon Cambyses went behistun inscription Egypt. When Cambyses had departed into Egyptthe people became hostile, and the lie multiplied in the land, even in Persia and Mediaand in the other provinces.

Williams Jackson in Cameron of the University of Michiganobtained photographs, casts and more accurate transcriptions of the texts, including passages that were not copied by Rawlinson. Inthe inscription became of interest to the Nazi German think tank Ahnenerbebehistun inscription research plans behistun inscription cancelled due to the onset of World War II.

Behistun Historic Site

Wikimedia At the base of the inscriptions is a narrow ledge. Wikimedia Stories Surrounding Behistun The following accounts regarding Behistun are a good indicator of the credibility of ancient writers when they relate events that happened before behistun inscription lifetime.

There is some recollection of the facts and an abundance of conjecture. Around BCE, Ctesias, a Greek physician and historian from Cnidus in Caria and who was physician to Artaxerxes Mnemon whom he accompanied in BC on Artaxerxes' expedition against his brother Cyrus the Younger, noted the existence of the monument and also made behistun inscription of a well and a garden beneath the inscription.

He, however, incorrectly concluded that the monument had been dedicated "by Queen Semiramis a legendary Assyrian warrior queen associated with Ninus, eponymous founder of Nineveh of Babylon to Behistun inscription.

Behistun Inscription - New World Encyclopedia

Publius behistun inscription Gaius Cornelius Behistun inscription 56 - CE also mentions the Behistun site and includes a description of some of the long-lost ancillary monuments at the base of the cliff, including an altar to 'Herakles'. Objects that have since been recovered, including a rock figure dated to BCE, are consistent with Tacitus's description.

The local Persians, in medieval times had forgotten about Darius. Instead of being attributing the monument to Darius I, the Great, behistun inscription thought it was the work of Khosrow II - one of the last Sassanid Kings who lived over years after the time of Darius I.

Behistun Inscription, The Rosetta Stone of Persia

The legend is about Farhad, who was a lover of Khosrow' wife, Shirin. The legend states that, behistun inscription for his transgression, Farhad was given behistun inscription task of cutting away the mountain to find water. Here, the king provides his genealogy, perhaps as a means of justifying his occupation of the Achaemenid throne.

According to the text, a Magian by the name of Gaumata impersonated Bardiya, the slain brother of Cambyses, who, at that time, was the king of the Achaemenid Empire. Darius succeeded in slaying Gaumata, and became the new king. The king records that he had all these rebellions put down, and defeated 9 kings in the process.