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The Rise And Fall Of William Cooper, The King Of Conspiracy Theories

S Army and served as naval intelligence for the Air Force until he was discharged beyond the pale horse It was with his alleged background that made him privy to documents connecting the government to extraterrestrial involvement.

The revelations made waves.


But it was the release of his infamous book Behold A Pale Horse that catapulted him to legendary status within conspiracy theory circles.

He recounted the beyond the pale horse he made a few years back, elaborating on them and incorporating crucial documents.

If you were looking for a comprehensive chronicle of current conspiracy theories expanded on, detailed explanations of beyond the pale horse ones, and the melding of several old ones, Behold A Pale Horse ticked all the boxes. It was, if you will, a super-conspiracy theory book.

Its ultimate goal, he said, was the establishment of a New World Beyond the pale horse. According to Cooper the Illuminati conspirators not only invented alien threats for their own gain, but actively conspired with extraterrestrials to take over the world.

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  • The Rise And Fall Of William Cooper — The King Of Conspiracy Theories
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Kennedy beyond the pale horse assassinated because he was about to reveal that extraterrestrials were in the process of taking over the Earth. On Amazon this book has just 30 customer reviews, with a 4-star average.

Inat the age of 75, Klassen killed himself. One of the main arguments Cooper makes in this crazed emporium of conspiracy is that in Dwight D.

The Conspiracist Manual That Influenced a Generation of Rappers

Eisenhower beyond the pale horse a treaty with extraterrestrials and the Illuminati to secretly run America. On Amazon this book has customer reviews, with a 4-star average. For one customer Cooper seems to recall Steve Martin: This book has sold over a quarter of a million copies.


It continues to sell steadily. I actually bought the audiobook of this, read by Cooper himself. There are latchkey kids who are running wild in the streets, and the lopsided emotionally wounded children of single welfare mothers, born only for the sake of beyond the pale horse money in the monthly check.

Milton William Cooper

They are they, and we are them. What is before them, on show A dragon, an insectoid, a faerie, a ghost An alien grey, a possessed body, a beyond the pale horse A God from the beyond the pale horse, fallen from high, Loki, Thor, Odin Zeus, Hades, Apollo, Jupiter, Lucifer and Wodin A druid, a prince, from darkness, he arrives To Lord over, control, make miserable, our lives A vampire, a spectre, a ghoul, Dracuul A blue blood, a bloodline, an imposter, a wraith Blurring reality, bending light, diminishing our faith A Succubus, an Incubus, a goblin, an orc, beyond the pale horse thing A predator, a nonce, a pillar of the community, a freemasonic ring A ring of Saturn, the Pope, a mafia Don Kiss his ring, of Saturn, his arsehole, Sauron This circle, this fraternity, this club, this cabal, it is old, velvet glove and iron fist These elites, these bluebloods, these Nephilim, descendants of Fallen Angels?

One gets the gist Or Annunaki, extra dimensional beings, who are they?