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The artwork was reproduced by Emery Walker, a preeminent type-designer bibbia maciejowski printer of the period and it contained a detailed history by Montague Rhodes James of Old Testament illustrative art of the medieval period, a history of the manuscript itself by Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell - bibbia maciejowski, an introduction by M.

James - bibbia maciejowski notes on the arms and armour by Charles John Ffoulkes - The original collection contained the original color paintings few in number, surprisingly and the original black-and-white drawings. Subsequent reprintings of "Old Testament Miniatures" continued well into the late 's there is reportedly a reprinting available as well, entitled "The Morgan Crusader Bible: The most common of the 's reprints were pages in length, printed in Switzerland and bibbia maciejowski ALL of the scenes color AND black-and-white reproduced in full color.

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It included a preface by John Plummer as well as the original history of the manuscript itself by Sir Sydney Cockerell. Omitted from the 's reprinting were the original notes on arms and armour by Charles Ffoulkes as well as the original detailed history by Montague Rhodes James of Old Testament illustrative art of the medieval period.

The Maciejowski Bible is an illuminated manuscript which illustrates the initial section of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. It is a pictorial, artistic representation beginning from the story bibbia maciejowski The Creation in the book of Genesis to the story of David and Absalom in the book of II Bibbia maciejowski.

It is composed of the original 46 leaves folios containing a total of scenes which, in the original manuscript, were painted on BOTH sides of each leaf with the c. In the reprinted "Old Testament Miniatures", the original 46 leaves folios have been separated into 92 "plates" the front side of a leaf on one plate, and the back side of the same leaf on a second plate.

This allows for a page containing the descriptions translated from Latin into English by Sir Bibbia maciejowski Carlyle Cockerell to lie adjacent to the "plate" which is described.

Maciejowski Bible

As you view the manuscript, the descriptions are on the left page, bibbia maciejowski accompanying paintings are on the right page. The paintings pictorially present a vast variety of information regarding the 13th century, in story-fashion, bibbia maciejowski much like a pictograph, or the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

This includes armour, clothing, construction techniques, cooking methods, entertainment, furniture, politics, religious practices, utensils, and weapons.

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Although this is a chronicle of a time period as many as 12, years prior to the period in which it was composed, this is nonetheless a superb chronicle of the life and times of the 13th century.

The explanation for this is bibbia maciejowski This is what makes the Maciejowski Bible such a superb compendium, and an unparalleled pictorial record bibbia maciejowski the minute details bibbia maciejowski many aspects of the 13th century.

It is our belief that historical, artistic knowledge of this magnitude does not belong to any one individual, nor to any elite group or peoples; rather, it belongs to every man, woman and child with a thirst for such knowledge.

It is also bibbia maciejowski belief that this knowledge should be made available freely. Therefore, we have scanned and placed all of the images from the Maciejowski Bible onto this web site so that all may enjoy them, and gain vision into the 13th century.

These images are not here for purposes of making profit - they are presented for your edification bibbia maciejowski enjoyment, with intellectual and cultural objectives in mind.

We gratefully acknowledge the intellectual, artistic and creative efforts and achievements of the following participants responsible for the creation and preservation of this masterpiece of historical illumination: The seven unknown French artisans for their extraordinary creation.

John Pierpont Morgan for bibbia maciejowski the reproduction of Emery Walker for his exceptional reproduction of the scenes in It is our presumption that you, the medievalist, given the choice between clear, detailed images or rapid "speed-loading" images would prefer to see these images clearly rather be overly concerned with how rapidly they loaded.

Bernard Maciejowski - Wikipedia

Therefore, we have scanned these images with a resolution suited to providing you with clear, bibbia maciejowski imagery, but not necessarily suited to rapid loading.

It is our guess that you will not mind waiting a few seconds longer in order to gain clear, distinctive Maciejowski imagery. bibbia maciejowski


You will also find that these images will print out surprisingly well, provided you set your printer's print quality up to bibbia maciejowski highest setting.