Strange Meeting by Sara Colman, released 11 April Sara Colman - Strange Meeting Strange Meeting, by Bill Frisell; lyrics by Sara Colman. Because they feature my favorite Frisell ensemble, the musicians who joined And wrapping things up is a performance of “Strange Meeting. Now I am going to talk about the new Bill Frisell album, "Guitar in the Space Age! Music: Bill Frisell, Dave Holland & Elvin Jones — 'Strange Meeting'. By Attention to the Unseen, October 11,


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Born in Pontiac and raised in Detroit as part of an enormously gifted musical family, Elvin Jones became one of the most popular and influential drummers in jazz history through his work in the John Coltrane Quartet.

bill frisell strange meeting This work has established Frisell as one of the most sought-after guitar voices in contemporary music.

The breadth of such performing and recording situations is a testament not only to his singular guitar conception, but his musical versatility as well.

Strange Meeting - Bill Frisell | Shazam

This, however, is old news by now. He sounds as if he's having the time of his life.

Listen to the deliciously slow groove of "Blues Dream. This, to me, is the formula for success in jazz, and maybe even rock too, though it's much rarer.

Strange Meeting (Bill Frisell) by nailmusic | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I'm skirting around the music itself, maybe because it's such an enigma. You can't typify what this band sounds like—you bill frisell strange meeting to hear the whole record, really. The former is a beautiful, alien quasi-ballad, held together by a Latin-ish vamp.

The band sort of slinks along, doling out its energy gradually. You may never have heard Shannon Jackson play this sensitively.

Bill Frisell - Strange Meeting Free Guitar Backing Track

It's like undersea Miami Vice jazz from Pluto. And then Frisell brings out the distortion, and the poetry becomes a bit scary, almost Sharrockian. You think of synthesized seagulls, like in Don Henley's "Boys of Summer. Lush, sorta-dated-but-you-don't-care sonics mingling with heartbreak.

But the real-time improvisation is right there—it's not frosted over with stiff arrangements or soupy sound. The trio does hectic scribble just as well bill frisell strange meeting it does noirish emoting.

Strange Meeting

Jackson's "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" features a tumbling, brief, Ornette-ish head that gives way to a magical kind of clunked-out funk that only Shannon could provide. I would venture bill frisell strange meeting say that his drumming is better here than it ever was in Last Exit.


In that band, Shannon tends to go for the broadest gesture, either the martial, about-to-blow ramp-up or the boneheaded electric-blues beat. Here, though, he's actually playing free jazz, more or less, while also keeping the beat.

Re: Sheet Music for Bill Frisell's "Strange Meeting"

Gibbs's chords jut out crudely, Frisell screams one minute, whispers the next I tend to hate overly pedal-effected guitar, but Frisell uses pedals like a true surrealist on this record and Jackson tumbles and exclaims.

Bill frisell strange meeting beat is somewhere there, but it's not explicit.


The band heads out the cargo hatch into space but they hold onto the line. What astounds me is that the piece is only three and a half minutes, but you get a real without-a-net free-jazz feeling in between bill frisell strange meeting bookends of the heads, which themselves give off a very authentic, four-handcuffed-men-being-jostled-violently-around-a-room Ornette-head vibe.