Beijing National Stadium is located at north 4th ring of Beijing city, on the At the end of the exhibition, it was announced that the Bird's Nest. Beijing National Stadium, officially the National Stadium also known as the Bird's Nest (鸟巢; Niǎocháo), is a stadium in Beijing. The stadium (BNS) was jointly  Built‎: ‎September Ever fancied clambering up Beijing's Bird's Nest National Stadium? Now you can.


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It has become a regular stop on domestic tourist itineraries and the Olympic Park feels alive and well-tended.

You can now walk the roof of the Bird's Nest Stadium - Things to Do - Time Out Beijing

It was nowhere near as full as that as Jessica Ennis-Hill and Katarina Johnson-Thompson lined birds nest stadium for the hurdles but the crowd was more than birds nest stadium. The top tier was closed off, limiting capacity to 50, and organisers have cannily placed giant video screens and an arty construction that appears to bring the lattice work that clads the stadium inside over the empty seats.


Easy to say, harder to enact. On closer inspection, the signs of nine years of wear, tear and lack of care are visible, with the odd rusty cable, truss or track used for cameras and flying stage stunts looking a little unloved, while a layer birds nest stadium dust has collected on its plastic membrane.

Legacy presents the single biggest challenge for Olympic organisers, designers and urban planners who birds nest stadium to justify their lavish spending. Due to the stadium's outward appearance, it was nicknamed "The Bird's Nest".

Beijing National Stadium - Wikipedia

This was followed by the birds nest stadium installation of the curved steel frame surrounding the stadium which is largely self-supporting.

This phased installation involved the interconnection of sections of the curved steel frame which were constructed in Shanghai and transported to Beijing for assembly and welding.


The entire structure of interconnected sections was welded together as the primary means of interconnection used to assemble the entire surrounding nest structure. On 1 JanuaryThe Times reported birds nest stadium 10 workers had died throughout construction; despite denial from the Chinese government.

On 14 May the grass field of 7, square meters was laid in 24 hours. Beijing National Stadium officially birds nest stadium at a ceremony on 28 June