I'll keep it spoiler free to start out. This is by far the best book Brent Weeks' best book, and it's by a long shot. Weeks continues to grow as an. The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer) [Brent Weeks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The gripping sequel to New York Times bestselling. If the binding knife is supposed to give a person the powers of a prism how do u suppose Fake Gavin got to be a prism?The Freeing and the Blinding Knife Theory.


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The Blinding Knife

He's fierce, reckless, and determined in this volume and entirely enjoyable. His angst in the first volume got to be a little much in the first book but here he's allot more balanced and has some truly badass moments. Gavin is enjoyable as he always is, he's got a little Mat Cauthoun going on in this volume, he's blinding knife lovable rogue, but you root for him because he succeeds inspite of his own blinding knife doubts.

As the book goes on and he grows to accept himself and his situation you really feel for him as things tend to go from bad to worse.

The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer): Brent Weeks: : Books

The new characters are all very enjoyable, Teia and Cruxer in particularly really blinding knife out. The card game introduced in this book, Nine Kings, is blinding knife and really moves several of the plot lines along.

I can't wait to blinding knife how it fits into the third book as there is a ton of potential that barely got explored in this book. The end was a surprise, honestly I should have seen it coming, but I didn't pick up on where it was going until it happened.

The clues were all there, but to see it all come blinding knife was a master stroke on Weeks' part. Alrighty, that's all of spoiler free content you're getting from me. From here on out it's no holds barred spoiler wise, so if you want to be surprised check out of this thread now.

Seriously, duck out now. I'm not kidding, I'm going to talk about pretty much every major plot point that occurs, leave now.


Alrighty, you've been warned, you're taking your reading experience into your own hands at this point. When we last left everyone Gavin was at sea with fifty thousand refugees that he has no idea what to do with, Kip had entered the Chomeria, Liv had blinding knife the Prince of Color's army blinding knife save Kip, Karris had seemingly figured out the big secret of the first book, Gavin isn't Gavin, he's Dazen, Gavin's twin brother and the Black Prism who isn't really the Prism.

There was a war, a huge deception, and the real Gavin rots in a prison devised by Dazen. Overall things looked pretty bleak for the crew.

Blinding knife book opens with Gavin relocating the refugees to a place called Seer Island, which to no surprise has a Seer. The big early surprise of the book comes at the Chromeria as Kip joins the Black Guard.

Yes you read that right, bumbling fumbling Kip trys out for the elite fighting force in the series and really doesn't do too badly for himself.

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You can see the growth in Weeks' ability to develop characters right when this starts. Kip is allot more blinding knife aware, his angst is balanced out by his sense of humor and ability to say the worst possible thing at the worst possible time, blinding knife of the time it's all very chuckle worthy, later as Kip develops there is less laughs and more discovery as the book goes on.

The Blinding Knife - Brent Weeks

We meet the rest of the Black Guard recruit class, as I said before Cruxer and Teia stand out, particularly Teia who becomes a POV character almost immediately after beating the holy blinding knife out of Kip.

Teia is a slave who's only chance is to make the Black Guard and make use of her "useless" color that isn't recognized by the Chomeria and is unable to train to use it. It doesn't help that she's also red green color blind in a world of color drafters. She's an incredibly strong female character, she's very sure of herself as a Black Guard recruit blinding knife very insecure in every other facet of her life.

She's a very balanced character, blinding knife Weeks is getting better at creating. Her scenes toward the end of the book as she works with the rest of the Black Guard are both tragic and action packed. Turns out her color might not be quite as useless as everyone thinks.

I'll let that one sleep, but the full unleashing of her power was a jaw dropping moment. He seeks to locate and thus destroy the blue bane, an island formed from imbalanced blue luxin created from the Prism's loss of control over that color.