Farmers, especially goat farmers, are always looking for ways to make a little more money on the farm. I believe I ve come up with an idea that s going to catch. Boer goat farming is a great way to earn an income off your land, especially if you have a small acreage. Makasa Musonda on his farm in Litete, Central province with a mixture of three popular goat breeds - Lalimboco, Boer goats and Kalahari goats.


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It draws on practical experience gained over more than 23 years of Boer Goat farming; experience and knowledge that is shared with farmers looking to enter the Boer Goat sector.

Existing farmers looking to improve their profitability and sustainability will also benefit greatly from the course. All students boer goats farming a printed training manual, a copy of the DVD Boer Goat Treatment Boer goats farming DVD in either English or Afrikaans included in the course fee and, on completion of the course, you also receive a professionally designed and printed certificate similar to the one illustrated.

Boer Goat Breed Information Guide | Goat Farming

Instead of eating down all your grass, goats hunt for the tastier weeds, improving your land. Goats also need far less space than cattle. If you want a boer goats farming ranch, you will need one acre for every head of cattle as opposed to a mere square feet for every goat.

They're also far easier to work with. Not only do you run a risk of breaking your foot if a cow steps on you, there is also the boer goats farming of being trampled down if your cattle stampede.

Not a problem with goats.


There are various factors which affect the reproduction percentage of the ewes which are listed below. One male ram per 25 to 30 ewes. One should make sure that the mating boer goats farming young ewes happen separately from the mature ewes.

Boer Goat Breed Information

One male ram per 45 to 50 ewes. With regard to the above, it is very important boer goats farming keep male goats rams in small shady camps during hot periods with a small amount of growing supplement and Male Boer goats rams should only be let loose among ewes during the evening.

This boer goats farming works particularly well in cases where goats are penned at night. Insert sponge on day 1.

Lusaka farmer grabs lucrative goat market opportunity -

Thanks to dedicated producers here in its home country who have rigorously applied selective breeding practices boer goats farming almost a century, the Boer goats farming Goat is now found in almost every country across the world. It is here in South Africa where the very best genetics in the world are sourced and where breed standards are determined.

The Boer Goats — South Africa website concentrates all the information about this hardy goat breed into one professionally developed, up to date and easily navigable location. Written rules and procedures helped with discipline and team cohesion Makasa explains. The day begins with prayer followed by breakfast after which goats are let out to graze.

While some team members milk and feed others boer goats farming up supplementary feed and clean up the pens and holding areas. Part of the forage flow planning is to source hay from neighbouring farms. Makasa Musonda has a liberal approach towards his workers but they maintain a focused an disciplined regime.