We need to talk about Njáls Saga. Fully titled the Saga of Burned Njál, it is considered the absolute zenith of literary brilliance in Iceland's. 1. kafli. Mörður hét maður er kallaður var gígja. Hann var sonur Sighvats hins rauða. Hann bjó á Velli á Rangárvöllum. Hann var ríkur höfðingi og. Brennu-Njals Saga is the longest and most celebrated of the Icelandic Sagas. Though its events are set in the tenth and early eleventh centuries, the Saga.


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He was the son of Thorgeir Gelling, the son of Thorolf. Njal's mother's name was Asgerda. Njal dwelt at Bergthorsknoll in the land-isles; he had another homestead on Thorolfsfell.


Njal was brennu njals saga in goods, and handsome of face; no beard grew on his chin. He was so great a lawyer, that his match was not to be found. Wise too he was, and foreknowing and foresighted.

Of good counsel, and ready to give it, and all that he advised men was sure to be the best brennu njals saga them to do. Gentle and generous, he unravelled every man's knotty points who came to see him about them.

The Story of Burnt Njal - Icelandic Saga Database

Bergthora was his wife's name; she was Skarphedinn's daughter, a very high-spirited, brave-hearted woman, but somewhat hard-tempered. They had six children, three daughters and three sons, and they all come brennu njals saga into this story.

Chapter 21 - Unna goes to see Gunnar Now it must be told how Unna had lost all her ready money.

She made her way to Lithend, and Gunnar greeted his kinswoman well. She stayed there that night, and the next morning they sat out of doors and talked. The brennu njals saga of their talk was that she told him how heavily she was pressed for money.

Njáls saga - Wikipedia

He answered - "Take as much money as thou needest from what I have out at interest". And now there is none of my kinsmen brennu njals saga take this suit up if thou hast not daring enough. Besides, he is a great friend of thine.


Brennu njals saga the end of their talk was, that Gunnar undertook her cause, and gave her the money she needed for her housekeeping, and after that she went home. Now Gunnar rides to see Njal, and he made him welcome, and they began to talk at once.

Then Gunnar said - "I am come to seek a bit of good advice from thee".

Brennu Njals Saga - Icelandic Sagas | Sögusetrið Hvolsvelli / Njál's saga Centre

Njal replied - "Many of my friends are worthy of this, but still I think I would take more pains for none than for thee". Gunnar said - "I wish to brennu njals saga thee know that I have undertaken to get Unna's goods back from Hrut".

Then Njal held his peace for a little while, and after that he spoke as follows: Thou shalt ride from home with two men at thy back. Over all thou shalt have a great rough cloak, and under that, a russet brennu njals saga of cheap stuff, and under all, thy good clothes.