Its hard to figure out where to start when it comes to making a spinning wheel. You get interested in making some yarn, maybe get a few. This is Castle model spinning wheel and it comes from the territory of the and that twisting can make long threads that are much firmer and that won't tear. FYI - you don't have to have a spinning wheel to spin small to moderate amounts of yarn. A hand-spinning spindle will work great, is much less.


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The most useful thing to note about how I made an accurate wheel is the piece of Baltic birch plywood my wheel blank is resting on. It serves as build a spinning wheel circle routing jig and assembly jig, using a central pin drilled in the middle and being the same diameter as the wheel axle shafting.

Cutting the mortices for the splines that hold the segments together was done with saw and mortice chisel. Frankly, it would have been much, much easier if I had used a straight cutting build a spinning wheel on a router, but I like to try things the old fashioned way first, even if I know it will be time consuming.

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I cut the corners off of each side of the six wheel segments to decrease the length of the mortice, making it much easier to keep things accurate, but making it much more difficult to hold the work securely build a spinning wheel cutting with the chisel.

When you don't use it, you can keep it as a decoration.

Spinning wheel plan

This is Castle model spinning wheel and it comes from the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and still it can be found as a family legacy in rural households. Here you have one of our more complex projects. It contains nearly 50 different parts.

It's made of wood, and just those necessary parts are made build a spinning wheel metal.

Construction is based on mortise and tennon joints, and in assemblage instructions it is pointed where to use glue. To create our spinning wheel you need to have adequate tools, solid experience in wood processing and enough time and patience for production of this very complex build a spinning wheel.

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The result will be unique, useful and very valuable item. To create a spinning wheel, you need high-quality hardwood, without knots and defects. Most parts are made by using a lathe for processing of wood and for making this type of spinning wheel you need a build a spinning wheel experience in woodturning.


Wood that will serve you well in the production is Maple, cherry, walnut, European alder, birch, beech or some similar type of local hardwood.

It is often build a spinning wheel at least two or three kinds of wood, in order to increase spinning wheel esthetic value.

Spinning wheel plan

We figured this'd make a nice smooth runway to guide the loop of twine that runs between spindle and wheel and keeps everything in motion. From that point, the actual construction of our spinning wheel was a cinch. build a spinning wheel

We had a device that really, honestly worked much to my amazement. This was the first time I'd ever put anything with moving parts together.

This makes it stronger and easier to build a spinning wheel the flyer. As two pieces, it's easy to get things out of whack which makes spinning difficult.

The orifice also needs to be smooth where the yarn goes. I put the common, modern, North American terms in brackets for those parts.


Porter also sells this wheel and a similar wheel at a very low cost for a spinning wheel. The Build a spinning wheel Wheel, seemingly derived from the Dodeca, with a circular wheel, is available on etsy.