STM diseña y fabrica reductores de engranaje, motorreductores y variadores. Soluciones innovadoras para la transmisión de energía en el sector industrial. ensamble de cara de reductor de velocidad. caja reductor. Alfredo Porras Arancibia. June 10th, ensamble de cara de reductor de. Cajas reductoras, motores de CA con reductor de velocidad y bridas. Controlador de velocidad de CA y componentes auxiliares. Piñones.


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This electronic publication seeks to provide information and analysis on imports and exports. The product will be for the exclusive use of the client who recognizes Veritrade as the copyright owner of this publication.

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Cajas reductoras de velocidad client will not use nor permit the illegal use of usernames and passwords, including and unlimited to subsidiaries or affiliated companies.

Veritrade provides customers with usernames and passwords which guarantee authorization to access the publication.

This data must be kept strictly confidential by both Veritrade and the client. Unless expressly agreed to on the contrary, this password will grant entry to the client or employees of the same company or contracting institution and in the same country and city to join the publication.

Access by any person in another city is cajas reductoras de velocidad allowed unless in the case of an agreement reflected in the business proposal concession.

The client has the right to download the publication and its files from the internet to a computer or hard drive, provided that the machine is part of a network under the effective control and supervision of the client.

Cajas reductoras de velocidad is your responsibility to make sure to change the password when an authorized person user stops working for the company or no longer belongs to the institution. In this case the customer is not entitled to financial reimbursement of the payment made.


Veritrade reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally if at any time it is not possible for any reason to fulfill cajas reductoras de velocidad terms of this contract. The only legal responsibility in this case will be reimbursing the equivalent of the difference between the contracted sum and whatever sum not received by the customer.


This economic refund will have no effect if such failure is due to force majeure cajas reductoras de velocidad Veritrade or legal regulations imposed by countries that restrict access to information.

Veritrade assumes no responsibility for any material accessed outside their control or ownership by the customer or a third party through an advertisement notice or link. The obligation to pay for the product comes to the customer through Veritrade, sent as a respective invoice either by traditional or electronic means with the terms set out therein.

Veritrade cajas reductoras de velocidad the right to unilaterally alter the terms of this contract, including the fees of any future agreement.

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You acknowledge and agree that if you unilaterally cancel your contract before its termination, you will not be entitled to any financial reimbursement. Only the customer is responsible for all charges related to their connection, use of the Internet, and their equipment necessary to access the publication.

Veritrade reserves the right to cajas reductoras de velocidad and make improvements to the product provided that Veritrade considers that these modifications or improvements are for the benefit of the product and customers.

These Terms of Sale are available to the customer through the electronic publication. In the absence of any objection after 10 days of issuance of the invoice, the customer shall be deemed to accept the terms of sale.

The only liability sustained cajas reductoras de velocidad Veritrade related to any part of this contract shall not exceed the fee paid by the customer.


Privacy and Processing of Personal Data Access to and use of cajas reductoras de velocidad publication by the client implies that the client fully accepts and agrees to comply fully to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing; configuring these documents as a whole such as the Legal Texts governing the aforementioned website.

In addition, pursuant to Law No.

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Caminos del IncaofficeSurco, province and department of Lima, for the personal information you provide through the navigation of any Veritrade website, to be collected and incorporated into its database and used in the administrative and commercial management of Veritrade.

The information accessed aims to develop cajas reductoras de velocidad and provide them with information about our services, creating custom profiles and the adequacy of commercial offers based on their particular characteristics. In addition, the customer authorizes Veritrade to keep their personal information in its database as they consider useful and according to the following processing of cajas reductoras de velocidad data: Customer authorizes transfer of their data to companies or related parties, be they domestic or foreign.