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Detailed results of the DEA analysis. As it can be observed, the best performing language results to be C: The efficiency of these languages is very robust: Figure 5 reports the boxplots of the distributions of the metatechnology ratio of cedric beusts character modeling various languages grouped according to three different categorizations.

First imperative versus declarative versus multiparadigm, then static versus dynamic, finally compiled versus cedric beusts character modeling languages are considered. As it can be observed, the families named multiparadigm, static, and compiled are the best performing. Efficiency of groups of languages: The discussion on the convenience of static versus dynamic languages, in particular, has been widespread on various blogs dedicated to computer languages on the web e.


An agreement on this issue is still lacking, and in general the arguments offered are not supported by deep experimental analysis.

In general, the main merit recognized cedric beusts character modeling the static languages is that they can guarantee the type compatibility of program elements without excessive testing. On the other hand, the principal advantage of dynamic ones is that they make possible to cedric beusts character modeling uninteresting type declarations, which make code more verbose and add noise that distracts from the essence of an algorithm.

Advances in Operations Research

The analysis proposed here suggests that static languages are in general preferable to dynamic ones. Conclusions In this paper, we used Data Envelopment Analysis for assessing the efficiency of the main programming languages.


We exploit its ability of comparing elements on the basis of several criteria of different nature. In particular, we consider the computational time, the memory usage, cedric beusts character modeling the source code size required for solving various benchmark problems under multiple workloads.

The programs analyzed are publicly available in the repository of the The Computer Language Benchmarks Game.

Multiple programs may be contributed for tackling each benchmark problem, and the worst are eliminated from the game.

As a consequence, one can argue that, for example, since C is more efficient than Tcl in this data set, cedric beusts character modeling relationship should hold in general terms, whenever codes are properly optimized, at least if the same attributes are considered.

Such a conclusion supports the expectation driven by common experience. By grouping languages, it is possible to cedric beusts character modeling the impact of their main characteristics, such as being imperative, declarative or multiparadigm, static or dynamic, compiled or interpreted.

  • Computer Language Effciency via Data Envelopment Analysis

The strength of the influence on efficiency of these features appears different. Our research aims at supporting with scientific evidence, as far as possible, the choice of cedric beusts character modeling programming language to be used for implementing efficient algorithms.

The relevance of such a choice is often neglected, while the proposed analysis shows that it is far from being unimportant.

Computer Language Effciency via Data Envelopment Analysis

In particular, it appears crucial in the current practice of optimization, in which great effort is devoted to boost the performance of solution algorithms. The proposed methodology can be easily applied to different datasets.

Undoubtedly, other properties of languages might be considered, such as reliability or syntax toughness, for achieving a finer classification. All the available benchmark problems are considered in this phase as equally important.

A further refinement of the results may be obtained cedric beusts character modeling weighting them differently according to the similarity to the specific problem one needs to tackle.

A possible tool for assigning such weights may be represented by the application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process AHP [ 2627 ], a powerful instrument for multicriteria analysis. View at Google Scholar L. Ruknet, Guide to Programming Languages: View at Google Scholar K.

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