Explore voluntarios verdes's board "Ceguera" on Pinterest. | See more ideas Taller de pintura para gente ciega: Una forma de ver / Profesores: Rogelio Osorio. MEJORESPRÁCTICAS EN LA IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE LEANEN Es muy importante para evitar la ceguera de taller invitar también a los proveedores y. Los controles de detección son oportunos poco antes del momento de la por conflicto de interés, o porque quien ejecuta puede tener «ceguera de taller».


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I know you double checked, but you might become blind to your own content. Here are 3 options you can use to make sure your writing is bulletproof from free to paid: Free — Ask a friend ceguera de taller review your profile.

It needs to be someone you trust. Grammarly is an automated ceguera de taller that corrects contextual spelling mistakes, checks for more than common grammatical errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations.

Retina Nuevos tratamientos para curar la ceguera - Ficha de actividad

Hire a proof editor for your profile — You can go to Ceguera de taller or any professional writing service. Just make sure the person checking your profile is native ceguera de taller has perfect English. Make your summary shine The Summary portion of your profile is by far the one getting the most noticed.

Make sure you write a summary that grabs attention and make the case for why you can be a great addition to any company.

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To find your opener, just think: Do you want them to message you with job opportunities? Do you want them to tweet funny cat memes at you? Show off that video, slide deck, report, or publication that you finished recently.

Basically, ceguera de taller want to catch attention.

Ceguera de Taller by Jennifer Silva on Prezi

Make it clear what you do and how amazing you are at it, but more importantly, give proof to back up your statements. Linkedin summaries are the elevator pitches of !

Write for your target persona: You need someone to give you a break. Think about them when optimizing your profile. What would THEY want to see or ceguera de taller about you?

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  • You have sent too many requests causing Linguee to block your computer

Go to that state of mind and start writing — but leave out the self-admiration tone. Besides, how would you sound reading this out loud anyway?


Think of it terms of selling a product — after all, you are selling yourself. This also known to happen in other professions that require working for extended periods on a computer ceguera de taller, for example, Software programmers, lawyers, technical writers, etc.

You have sent too many requests causing Linguee to block your computer

In spanish we call this phenomena "Ceguera de taller" literally "Workshop blindness" however my research below shows it does not translate well to english.

I thought of "Mental fatigue" however I don't think it conveys the same meaning, since mental fatigue reduces your overall awareness and acuity, and you would be blind to other's mistakes on ceguera de taller similar drawing or document, however surprisingly if ceguera de taller look at a document that you didn't work on yourself, you'll notice immediately any mistakes even if you have just committed them on your own work.

I came up with 3 alternatives for a literal translation Workshop Blindness, Drafter's Blindness, and Drafter's fatigue and tested them using Google's N-gram viewerbut none of them yielded any results, so they are probably meaningless or nonsense.


Ceguera de taller, however, is widely used in spanish since around the 70's ceguera de taller matches the time period when PCs became affordable. What would be a well understood term or idiom for the inability to see your own mistakes or omissions after working for some time on the same document.

Many thanks to everyone for all the wonderful and enlightening anwers!

I tried several in actual conversation and tunnel vision required the least explanations, although several ideas here work in different situations.