Product Description: Multi-purpose PIR insulation suitable for use on ground-supported, suspended concrete or timber floors, with exposed or semi-exposed. Celotex GA Insulation Board. Celotex GA is a general application insulation board for floors, walls and roofs. It has long been at the heart o. Buy 60mm Celotex GA, a high performance rigid insulation suitable for a variety of applications, including roof, wall and floor insulation.


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Celotex GA Insulation Board | General Application GA PIR Board

The recipient of the products celotex ga4000 responsible for any additional lifting once the delivery has been made. However we will be happy to deliver to a freight forwarding company on your behalf.

Returns and Refunds Returns and Refunds In the unlikely event that you need to return an item, please contact our team on within 14 days of accepting delivery of the item. Restocking charges may apply. We will discuss this with you upon receipt of the cancellation request. Restocking charges will celotex ga4000 applied where the celotex ga4000 are no longer required AND NOT for goods returned because either defective or damaged.

This reduces the risk of interstitial condensation between the insulation layers.

Celotex GA Insulation Board for Floors, Walls and Roofs

The condensation risk celotex ga4000 depends upon occupancy and building use. Celotex recommends that a condensation risk analysis is obtained to determine the optimum solution for your project.

Insulation between and under rafters The void created by a pitched roof can celotex ga4000 made habitable by insulating along the plane of the roof pitch with Celotex rigid PIR insulation boards.


If sarking felt is being used, a minimum 50 mm celotex ga4000 air space must be provided between the felt and the cold side of the insulation in celotex ga4000 to minimise the risk of condensation formation. This is known as ventilated construction.

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With some breathable membranes, the cold side of the insulation may be placed in direct contact with the membrane check with membrane supplier celotex ga4000 to specification.

However, the outer side celotex ga4000 the membrane must be adjacent to an air space to allow moisture vapour to escape to the outside of the building, which is known as an unventilated construction.

Insulating interior partition walls and the interiors of external walls Celotex GA will significantly improve the thermal insulation of new and existing, solid or cavity masonry walls masonry includes clay and calcium silicate bricks, concrete blocks, natural and reconstituted stone blocks or timber-frame walls of dwellings and buildings of similar occupancy, type and condition.

The walls of new buildings should be designed and constructed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice, e. All walls must be in a good state of repair with no evidence of rain penetration, damp or frost damage.

The surfaces of masonry walls should be sound and free from loose material; large projections should be removed and holes filled and levelled.

A survey of the wall may celotex ga4000 required to establish the extent of any packing that may be required to celotex ga4000 the support battens provide a uniform plane for the boards to be fixed.

Celotex GA General Application Insulation Boards, GA GA GA

The installation of insulated dry lining systems requires careful detailing around doors and windows to achieve a celotex ga4000 surface for finishing.

In addition, every attempt should be made to minimise the risk of cold bridging at reveals and where heavy party walls celotex ga4000 attached to the external wall.

In new work the construction must be designed to accommodate the thickness of the dry lining, particularly at reveals, heads, sills and in relation to ceiling height. On existing walls consideration should be given to lining the reveals with a thinner layer of insulation and lining celotex ga4000.

Celotex GA4000 Insulation Board

Services can be incorporated in the void formed between the insulation and the lining boards, making chasing of the wall unnecessary. Where the services have a greater depth than the void, the wall should be chased in preference to the insulation.

It is recommended that services penetrating the insulation or any vapour check lining board, e. When the system is to be installed celotex ga4000 existing buildings it should be realised that a small reduction in room size will occur and that permanent fixtures, celotex ga4000.