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Only Azala recognizes it for what it is: Crono and friends then travel to a huge kingdom of magic in 12, BC.

The Kingdom of Zeal is a huge floating continent where humans practice magic, chrono trigger players guide long-lost technique by the time Frog's era comes around.

The people of Zeal are getting all their power through the Mammon Machine, a machine that extracts Lavos' energy for their own good.

While exploring Zeal, the party meets a mysterious prophet, who warns Queen Zeal about Crono's plans. A young boy also tells the party, "One among you will shortly perish.


When the group finally gets back to the End of Time, the old man tells them of a machine called the Wings of Time. They journey back to AD and chrono trigger players guide the device, a large flying machine which they christen Epoch. They arrive too late, however, and Lavos then awakens.

The chrono trigger players guide is revealed to be Magus, who attempts to destroy Lavos but is batted aside effortlessly.

Official Chrono Trigger Nintendo Player's Guide

Lavos stuns everyone, but Crono pulls himself to his feet. He hurls himself at Lavos, but is instantly vaporized. The rest of the party wakes up in a hut on the ground of the world, chrono trigger players guide is where non-magic users have lived.

During the confusion, an advisor to Queen Zeal named Dalton has stolen the Wings of Time now the "Aero Dalton Imperial"and has declared himself ruler of the world.

Download E-books Chrono Trigger Nintendo Player's Strategy Guide PDF - Santai Family Library

When Frog wakes up, he goes outside and confronts Magus, who cursed him in the first place. Magus, for his part, is cocky, even insulting Crono and calling him weak for trying to stop Lavos.

The player is given a choice: If the player chrono trigger players guide him live, he joins the party.

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The party goes to defeat Dalton, who imprisons them and requires a daring break-out, before being easily defeated. At the end of time, it is revealed that Magus was the mysterious prophet, and he only wanted to summon Lavos to kill it.

It is revealed that the old man is a Guru named Gaspar. He informs the party of an egg called the Chrono Trigger, which they can use to resurrect Crono.

Chrono Trigger Player's Guide

At this point in the game, it is up to the player to save Crono or not. The main story chrono trigger players guide technically over aside from the final confrontation, a series of optional side quests open up, and resurrecting Crono is optional.


He knows the secret to bringing someone back from the dead. Belthasar tells them that Death Peak also located in AD is the key to reviving their downed comrade. However, there are two requirements: After getting the replica, and visiting the top of Death Chrono trigger players guide, Crono can be revived.

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Naturally, only one ending is considered canon. In this ending, the party reaches Lavos and manages to destroy its outer protective shell either through fighting or crashing Epoch into it.

Here, it is revealed that Lavos has been using the planet by harvesting DNA to control its evolution. It then proceeds to take on a final form, which is quickly destroyed by the team. Chrono trigger players guide game then goes to a celebratory traditional ending at the end of the Millennial Fair.


Crono and his friends all say goodbye and return to their respective eras via the time gates.