Other articles where De legibus is discussed: Marcus Tullius Cicero: Philosophy: De republica, following it with De legibus (begun in 52). These writings were. The Treatise on the laws is Cicero's imitation of Plato's dialogue The Laws . His preface to the De Legibus is so just and comprehensive that we choose to  ‎PREFACE. · ‎REVIEW of the HISTORY · ‎Of the Law of Nature and. CICERO'S DE LEGIBUS I: ITS PLAN AND INTENTION. Although the Laws' transitions from one topic to another are man aged adroitly if one considers them.


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Surprisingly, de Legibus has been one of Cicero's most neglected works.


Dyck's commentary is the first to appear on the complete work in well over one hundred years. Dyck provides a detailed interpretation and sets the essay into cicero de legibus context of the politics and philosophical thought of its time.

Cicero: de Legibus

Where we have not done so, we shall willingly submit to the emendations of any scholars who can propose more perfect renderings. Should some more sober critic come abroad, If wrong, cicero de legibus smile, if right, we kiss the rod.


In order to make this a more complete introduction Edition: Such passages, though they possess no claim cicero de legibus originality, will be found of much service in familiarly introducing the student to the Justinian Institution and the diversified spheres of jurisprudence.

Certain it is, that at the present moment, our more literary lawyers are reviving an interest in the laws of which Cicero treats, and especially the civil laws of Rome, whose important connection with modern codes is more and cicero de legibus felt.

De legibus

As an instance of the improved state of our cicero de legibus in this respect, we may particularly mention Mr. We cannot sufficiently admire the divine and transcendent ethics which Cicero has interwoven Edition: They are scattered through all this treatise, like sunbeams through the atmosphere, bright in themselves, and brightening all around them.


Every cicero de legibus, says the proverb, owes a debt to the profession in which he has been enrolled. It is calculated to do much good, and little evil; and the more attentively it is perused, the more will the spirit cicero de legibus the reader become ennobled and enlightened, and rise above the vices and chicaneries that bring inevitable disgrace on those who practise them.

For as Plato after cicero de legibus had written on government in general, drew up a body of laws adapted to that particular form of it which he had been delineating, so Cicero chose to deliver his political sentiments in the same method, not by translating Plato, but imitating his manner in the explication of them.

This work being designed, then, as a supplement, Edition: In the first of these he lays open the origin of laws, and the source of obligations, which he derives from the universal nature of things, or, as he cicero de legibus it, from the consummate reason and will of the supreme God.

De Legibus - Wikipedia

In the other two books, he gives a body of laws, conformable to his own plan and idea of a well—ordered state. First, those which relate to religion, and cicero de legibus worship of the gods.

Secondly, those which prescribe the duties and powers of the several magistrates, from which the peculiar form of each government is denominated.

These laws are generally taken from the old constitution or custom of Rome, with some little variation and temperament, contrived to obviate the disorders to which that commonwealth was liable, and to cicero de legibus a stronger turn toward the aristocratic side. In the other cicero de legibus, which are lost, he treated, as he tells us, of the particular rights and privileges of the Roman people.

A larger explanation of the cicero de legibus and nature of this work, is given by M. Morabin, its French translator. Morabin deserves the gratitude of all Edition: His preface to the De Legibus is so just and comprehensive that we choose to translate it almost entire.