Results 1 - 22 of 22 - Lanfeust de Troy, Tome 6: Cixi impératrice by Christophe Arleston; Didier Cixi de Troy, Tome 3: Le secret de Cixi: Troisième partie. Results 1 - 16 of 19 - Online shopping for Lanfeust de Troy from a great selection at Livres Store. LANFEUST DE TROY OR COFFRET 3 VOLUMES(TTT07). Nov 10 LANFEUST DE TROY T CIXI IMPÉRATRICE. Dec 6 . INTÉGRALE LANFEUST DE TROY TOMES 1 À 8. Oct 15 Cixi de Troy, Tome 1: Le secret de Cixi by Christophe Arleston; Olivier Vatine at - ISBN - ISBN New Quantity Available: 3.


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Among the many perils faced during their journey, they are ultimately confronted by Thanos, a pirate with the same potential as Lanfeust who will do whatever it takes to steal the ivory of the Magohamoth. Successful in the francophone world from which it arose, Lanfeust of Troy has spawned one sequel and several spin-offs and prequels.

Tarquin suspend Lanfeust pour se consacrer aux "Gnomes de - ActuaBD

Spin-offs, prequels and sequels Successful in the francophone world from which it arose, Lanfeust of Troy has spawned one sequel and several spin-offs and prequels. Lanfeust of the Stars: The next sequel of the Lanfeust adventures.

A 3-part spin-off focussing on the adventures of Cixi.


However, teleporting strips him of all his possessions, even his clothes. Thanos' name is a modification of the Greek word thanatos, which means death.

Series: Cixi de Troy

Like Thanos, Nicolede knows many spells and allows his fellow villagers to use their powers through his mere presence. He's also the village's main source of knowledge on the greater world.

He has little patience cixi de troy tome 3 weak morals, which constantly puts him at odds with Cixi. Though extremely beautiful, C'ian is modest, romantic, and wants nothing more than a quiet life with a husband and lots of children.

Cixi de Troy, Tome 3 : Le secret de Cixi (French Edition): : Books

Cixi de troy tome 3 power only functions at night, but it allows her to instantly heal almost any injury or illness imaginable. C'ian's name refers to the Empress Dowager Ci'anwho was regarded as quiet and respectable unlike her co-ruler, Cixi.

C'ian also refers to the color cyaneasily the most used color in her usual garb. Cixi[ edit ] Nicolede's younger daughter, Cixi is very beautiful like her sister, but major similarities end there.

Christophe Arleston

She is rebellious against father, society, and decency. She dresses and talks provocatively for her time and place. Infatuated with Lanfeust, she attempts to seduce him whenever she can despite reprovals and scoldings from her father and sister.

Of all Troy's beings, Lanfeust only seems to fear Cixi and her advances. Cixi can change the phase of water at will. The difficulty of this feat increases greatly as the purity of the water decreases.

Cixi's cixi de troy tome 3 refers to the Empress Dowager Cixico-regent of China and infamous for her shameless acts. The universe of Troy[ edit ] The naming of planet Troy[ edit ] The French-speaking discoverers of Troy 's planetary system decided on a whim to officially name each planet after its numeric position from its sun.


How do series work? To create a series or add a work to it, go to a "work" page. The "Common Knowledge" section now includes cixi de troy tome 3 "Series" field. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. Works can belong to more than one series. In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narniadisagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series.