Cloud technology continues to both support and disrupt the evolution of digital business. Not surprisingly, spending on cloud computing. There seems to be growing interest in cloud service brokers (CSBs) and their role in the cloud computing ecosystem. For example, the. DoubleHorn Cloud Services Brokerage helps streamline selection process for cloud providers and help transform your business with meaningful insights and.


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Cloud Services Brokerage

Understanding the cloud service broker model Share this item with your network: A cloud services brokerage broker is a third-party individual or business that acts as an intermediary between the purchaser of a cloud computing service and the sellers of that service. In general, a broker is someone who acts as an intermediary between two or more parties during negotiations.

There are three aspects to operating a CSB: CSB workflow automation, cloud services brokerage management, billing, authentication, and access control. Integration with externally and internally hosted cloud services. Billing, end-user support, marketplace operations.

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Delivering and managing various cloud services: The CSB model lets cloud services brokerage deliver and manage various cloud services within a consistent provisioning, billing, governance, administration, and support framework.

This is especially important in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services, in which protection of consumer data is paramount. Here, the broker ensures that the cloud service provider treats the data in accordance with regulations and policies, and that security cloud services brokerage are followed.

This service will ease acceptance of cloud in industries with rigorous data protection needs, says Plummer.

The last type of cloud service broker is the customizer. As cloud services brokerage name implies, customizers will create extensions to existing cloud services in order to perform a specific function and then ensure that the extensions work properly.

Understanding the cloud service broker model

cloud services brokerage This is an important function, too, as the customizer cannot change the underlying cloud offering in any way. Continue Reading News Cloud brokers need to realign their relationships and differentiate their abilities as providers start to adopt or develop their own broker strategies.

Continue Reading 2Partnerships- Building relationships with customers and providers A cloud service broker's cloud services brokerage with a cloud provider is just as important as its relationship with its customers.

Does the CSB provide an in-line integration gateway or is it primarily administrative support?

Brokering the Cloud: A Guide to Cloud Service Brokerage | The ChannelPro Network

Does the CSB negotiate of validate service provider features and service level agreements? Does the CSB perform service optimization or performance and cost management?

Does the CSB design solutions cloud services brokerage support hybrid deployment projects? Does the CSB orchestrate disparate functions from various cloud providers? Drawbacks of using a cloud broker[ edit ] Despite the benefits that cloud broker can provide, there are also concerns related to the use of a cloud broker: Cloud services brokerage a cloud broker also adds complexity in maintaining an organization's security requirements throughout the entire delivery chain as the broker adds a layer between the cloud service providers and the organization.