This is the Constitution of Kenya at Independence in It was constituted into ten chapters covering issues ranging from Citizenship, Executive and. promulgated a new Kenyan constitution at a public ceremony in Nairobi Kenya's independence constitution of was, in the words of Ghai. 88—Persons entitled to be registered as citizens by virtue of connexion with Kenya before 12th December, 89—Persons born in Kenya after 11th December, 90—Persons born outside Kenya after 11th December, 91—Marriage to Kenya citizen.


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45. Kenya (1963-present)

Includes bibliographical references and index. Pressures for a New Constitution: Kenya, Chapter 5 Chapter Three: Following a relatively peaceful polling day on 27 Decemberthe Orange team decisively won the parliamentary elections; ODM took constitution of kenya 1963 seats and its partner NARC three.

The ruling PNU took 43 seats and its coalition partners 35 seats.


Of the remaining constituencies declared, ODM—K won in 16 and independents in A re-run was ordered in the three undeclared constituencies. Unofficial results of the presidential election indicated Raila Odinga led Kibaki by at leastvotes and the absence of any official declaration provoked widespread constitution of kenya 1963 in the country.

When on 30 December the Electoral Commission published results, Kibaki was ahead with 4, votes, then Odinga with 4, and Musyoka withThree factors combined to accelerate and bring about constitution of kenya 1963 desired changes under the colonial order: Resistance by local communities, Weakening of the British Empire by the cost of World War II, and the increased climate for self-determination and respect for human rights.

Upon election, this running mate becomes the Deputy President.

The cabinet comprises of the President, the Deputy President, the Attorney General, and 14 to 22 cabinet secretaries. The President appoints the cabinet secretaries, but the appointments must be approved by the National Assembly.


The Judiciary The constitution creates an independent constitution of kenya 1963 consisting of the courts of law and tribunals. The Chief Justice is the head of the judiciary, and is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission.

This is subject to the approval of the National Assembly.

Constitution of Kenya Review Commission

Under the Kenya constitution, the Supreme Court is the highest court in Kenya. This court also comprises the Deputy Chief Justice and five other judges.

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The Supreme Constitution of kenya 1963 is the only court that can hear and determine any case challenging the election of the President. The court also attends to appeals from the Court of Appeal, the High Court and other courts and tribunals.

Kenya Independence Act

The National Assembly was the main legislature of the land and one of its main functions was to make laws for the administration of the country and to approve treaties, to mention but a few. Bicameral Legislature The constitution provided for a bicameral legislative system of government.

In other words, the constitution constitution of kenya 1963 provisions for the creation of two houses of legislature.

Amendments Textual F9 Sch. Marginal Citations 6 1 Nothing in this Act shall confer on any legislature established for Kenya or any part thereof any power to repeal, amend or modify the constitutional provisions otherwise than in such manner as may be provided for in those constitution of kenya 1963.