In this blog, Julia shares her key tips on how you as a writer can build your best copywriting portfolio online to gain more exposure and clients. Building a copywriter portfolio from scratch doesn't need to be a long slog. Here's how you can get started with yours right away. See samples of work produced by Susan Greene, freelance copywriter located in Orlando, Florida. Includes links to web sites she's written and examples of her.


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Instead of printing your copywriting portfolio out on a standard, scruffy A4 piece of paper and stapling the lot together, invest in a shiny presentation wallet.


Copywriting portfolio slot each piece in. Make sure the font you choose is easy to read and that the design seriously emphasizes the copy, as opposed to the images.

10 shortcuts to build a copywriting portfolio the easy way (in 30 minutes or less)

See my content pieces on my own LinkedIn: Make sure your samples are easy on the eyes and easy to access. Always include copywriting portfolio link to your online portfolio on your CV, email signature and social media platforms, regardless of whether copywriting portfolio not examples of your written work is asked for.

  • Portfolio of Work Samples, Susan Greene, Freelance Copywriter, Orlando FL
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  • How to Build a Winning Copywriter Portfolio from Scratch
  • How to Build a Winning Copywriter Portfolio from Scratch
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Your personal projects may not copywriting portfolio be examples of your smartest or best work. Back inI remember writing an article about trash bags for an online hardware store.

10 Key Tips to Help You Build a Rockstar Copywriting Portfolio - Express Writers

You read that right — trash bags. Are you a copywriting portfolio or maybe public fiction author? Include a short story. The end result is visible, but those late nights tapping away at a keyboard on your fifth cup of coffee remain your secret.

However, what you should reveal to clients is copywriting portfolio you approached a project in a certain way.

They need to understand how you think. Back up each sample of work in copywriting portfolio portfolio with a rationale which includes: Company X needed a conceptual ad campaign that would be rolled out across their global brand.

The copy needed copywriting portfolio be dynamic and powerful, yet able to be translated into 7 other languages.

I was tasked to create ad copy that would work across multiple platforms copywriting portfolio capture the attention of customers from varied backgrounds and cultures. I created concise, but powerful conceptual ad copy that steered clear of individualised cultural references copywriting portfolio terminology.

I focused on weaving a storyline for customers to follow that drew them into the concept and emotionally connected with the product. For an in-depth glimpse into how this could appear visually, watch this handy video by The Business Author Edge. Yes, even a brand new copywriter… Go to your local copywriting portfolio and talk to someone in charge.

Portfolio - Creative Copywriter

They should have an email list and plenty of things they need to email to their list e. I did copywriting portfolio once years ago and copywriting portfolio away with a couple of nice pieces that I used to land a big paid job about a month later.


Mine your interests for easy writing samples When I wanted to break into email copywriting I had the usual problem: No email copywriting portfolio. Not even a single sample to copywriting portfolio off.

10 EASY Copywriting Portfolio samples I made (in 30 min or less!)

So I decided to create a Minimum Viable Portfolio for that by writing a single email and using it to score some work. So where does that leave copywriting portfolio as the original creator?


One thing you could do is add a line to copywriting portfolio terms and conditions explaining that unless the client copywriting portfolio otherwise beforehand, you intend to showcase their work on your website.

As you win more work though, you can be more selective in what you show.