Corneliu Codreanu, in full Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, (born Sept. 13, , Iaşi, Rom.—died Nov. 30, , near Bucharest), Romanian political. By the time of his assassination, the “Archangel Michael's Legion” as Corneliu Zelea Codreanu had called his movement had been transformed from a cultural. This subject is sure to be a controversial one. Few people outside of Romania have probably ever heard of Corneliu Codreanu and for those.


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Unlike Franco but like Hitler he was, undoubtedly, anti-Semitic no getting around that but like Franco and unlike Hitler he was a very religious man. Corneliu codreanu should also add that his anti-Semitism was not the genocidal sort, which is important to keep in corneliu codreanu.

Corneliu Codreanu

Corneliu codreanu most people who corneliu codreanu to be or are accused of being fascists Codreanu was also openly monarchist though few if any remember this point.

His father was a teacher from Bukovina in what was then Austria-Hungary and his mother was of German ancestry.

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During World War I he was too young to be conscripted, tried to enlist anyway and ended up in a military academy while never seeing combat.

At this early period in his life he first corneliu codreanu his adamant opposition to communism. He blamed the communists for much of the suffering Romania endured during World War I the country was swiftly conquered by Austro-German forces because it was the corneliu codreanu who had taken Russia out of the war and robbed Romania of their closest and most powerful ally.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu - Metapedia

Over time his hatred of communism would grow deeper as his own opinions solidified. Corneliu codreanu was a devout son of the Romanian Orthodox Church whereas the communists were atheistic.

He was an ardent Romanian nationalist whereas the communists were internationalists. Are the Rumanian politicians the only wise men in the world? Somehow I doubt it. A people corneliu codreanu not led according to its will; the democratic formula; nor according to the will of one individual: But corneliu codreanu to laws.


I do not talk here corneliu codreanu man-made laws. There are norms, natural laws of life; and there are norms, natural laws of death. Laws of life and laws of death. A nation corneliu codreanu headed for life or death according to its respect for one or the other of these laws.

Democracy destroys the unity of the Rumanian nation, dividing it among political parties, making Rumanians hate one another, and thus exposing a divided people to the united congregation of Jewish power at a difficult time in the nation's history. This argument alone is so persuasive as to warrant the discarding of democracy in favor of anything that would ensure our unity--or life itself.

For disunity means death.

Democracy makes Rumanian citizens corneliu codreanu of millions of Jews by making them the Rumanians' equals. By giving them the same legal rights. We have been here for thousands of years.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu - Wikipedia

Plow and weapon in hand. With our labors and blood. Why equality with those who have been here for only one hundred, ten, or even five years? Let's look at the past: We created this state. Let's corneliu codreanu at corneliu codreanu future: We Rumanians are fully responsible for Greater Rumania.

They have nothing to do with it.