CHOPIN: 24 Preludes / 3 Impromptus (Cortot, 78 rpm Recordings, Vol. 1) by Fryderyk Chopin. Listen to classical music CDs online. Frédéric Chopin wrote a number of preludes for piano solo. His cycle of 24 Preludes, Op. 28, set of Op. 28 preludes has become repertory fare, and many concert pianists have recorded the entire set, beginning with Alfred Cortot in Cortot studied with a Chopin pupil, Emile Decombes, and recorded many A recording of the Preludes ranks among the most enthralling.


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There is cortot chopin preludes too in the Second Ballade, the volcanic interjections ablaze with added notes, and in the opening of the last and glorious Fourth Ballade there is cortot chopin preludes convulsive leap across the rhythm, one of Cortot's most curious and instantly recognizable mannerisms and a provocative view of one of the composer's supremely rich and tranquil gestures.

Alfred Cortot plays Chopin |

However the gem is surely the Third Ballade with the opening pages played as if improvised on the spot, the figuration commencing at 3'34'' foaming and cascading with a freedom and liberality unknown to most players. The F minor Fantaisie also suggests that Cortot never compromised where his intensity of vision was concerned, aiming for speeds which other cortot chopin preludes stable pianists would never dare consider, and achieving in the process a truly demonic force rather than the heroics of received custom or taste.

Cortot's Barcarolle his only recording of one of Chopin's greatest masterpieces was once described by a French critic as ''un rituel erotic-passionel'' and it is indeed as insinuating as it is blisteringly intense, even though the hectic rush through the final pages shows him at his least eloquent.

In the Cortot chopin preludes the is preferable to the set; both are included he reaches out far beyond mere pedagogical concerns.

Alfred Cortot plays Chopin

From Cortot thirds, sixths, octaves etc, are transformed into the purest poetry and, to quote Philippe Entremont, ''take wing'' in a way that is unique. Listen cortot chopin preludes his way with Chopin's instruction la melodia tenuta e legata in the E minor, Op.

The final and awe cortot chopin preludes Op. In the Waltzes there is a near operatic freedom in the melody of Op. There is a comically confused start to the A flat, Op. Yet by and large these are preferable, more airborne readings than in the cortot chopin preludes set.

The Second Concerto, heard in Cortot's own arrangement or refurbishment with some marginal re-texturing here and there, shows him at his most excitingly rhetorical.

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Rearing and plunging through cortot chopin preludes passagework and revelling in every opportunity for the richest variety of voicing and texture, he makes the many years since the work's first performance roll away.

Barbirolli's accompaniment may be rumbustious rather than subtle, yet the music sounds as if newly minted, alive in all its first audacious ardour and novelty. The Preludes, as I have suggested, are more intriguing than convincing, less eloquent, fiery, cortot chopin preludes articulate than those of There is a disarming lightness to the popular No.

The bald forte chord that ends No.


Six Nocturnes are included and while hardly examples of the stylistic purity to which we have become accustomed in the post-Cortot era, cortot chopin preludes brilliantly alive with his own heady alternative. The cortot chopin preludes C sharp minor Prelude, Op. You will not easily find a more absorbing box-set of piano discs, or one that will be so frequently played while others languish in dusty oblivion, often examples of the dull respectability Cortot so demonstrably shunned.

Preludes (Chopin) - Wikipedia

A photograph of the artist is included, cigarette as always in hand, and every inch the debonair Frenchman. Cortot, who suffered painfully from a sense of his own imperfections, would have been gratified to know that future as well as contemporary admirers joined him in realizing that there are, perhaps, higher things in art than mere discretion.

To logic, clarity, taste and finesse always at the heart of all truly great Cortot chopin preludes artistry he added a wild re-creative passion and energy. With him Chopin's music cortot chopin preludes its earthly moorings far behind; as one writer put it ''when Cortot is no more Chopin will die a second time''.

Preludes (Chopin)

The same could be said of Cortot's Schumann, music-making of a no less legendary calibre and status. Like Benno Moiseiwitsch, Cortot confessed to a special affection for Schumann, whose cortot chopin preludes is at the very heart of romanticism.


Biddulph's three volumes include virtually all his Schumann, omitting the ''Vogel als Prophet'' from Waldszenen recorded in and offering, unusually, cortot chopin preludes rather than Concerto. And this, together with Ward Marston's brilliantly successful transfers makes the disc preferable to Dante's more limited, less vivid offering.

Once again, and perhaps to an even greater extent than in his Chopin, you realize that for Cortot the most audaciously romantic piano was invariably an cortot chopin preludes of song and dance.


Few if any cortot chopin preludes have ever matched the haunting sweetness and intensity of his cantabile or equalled the lightness and vivacity of his rhythm. Such qualities illuminate every page of Papillons, from the opening teasingly inconclusive question to the final fading of this miniature Carnaval with its distantly chiming bells and syncopated waltz memories, a true ''melting into air, into thin air''.

The Davidsbundlertanze, too, for all its inaccuracy, is surely among the glories of Cortot's recorded legacy, his scintillating play of light and shade creating its own affirmation of poetic forces ready to rout the hated Cortot chopin preludes from the battlefield.