The Cross and the Crescent has ratings and 22 reviews. Adalberto said: Li com grande interesse a tradução deste livro de R. Fletcher em português, tr. Between cross and crescent on The Spectator | By the time the First Crusade was launched by Pope Urban II in , Christendom had been at. Buy Cross and Crescent: Responding to the Challenge of Islam 2nd Revised edition by Colin G. Chapman (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store.


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For some weeks it was impossible to find a single copy of the Koran in the US.

Between cross and crescent

Suddenly everybody had a theory about Muslim religion and history, and aired their frequently eccentric views tirelessly in the media. Richard Fletcher's fine, concise cross and crescent of early Muslim-Christian relations will bring sanity and balance to the discussion.

He calmly and effectively disposes of the popular myth that Islam is an inherently violent and intolerant faith, while at the same time showing that Christians could not be expected to see it in any other way. He shows clearly that far from forcing their subjects to accept their religion at sword-point, Muslim rulers did not initially encourage cross and crescent.


There seems to have been much "good-mannered discussion" between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East, where, after centuries of Byzantine oppression, many of the churches flourished as never before. But in other parts of Christendom, Islam was cross and crescent as a military threat. Constantinople was constantly under attack until, inthe Abbasids moved their capital from Damascus to Baghdad, and ceased to harass Byzantium.

Cross & Crescent: Responding to the Challenge of Islam by Colin Chapman

In north Africa, west of Egypt, the Islamic conquest was more disruptive: Christian leaders seem to have cross and crescent to Italy or France, and churches in the Muslim wild west, which had fewer intellectual resources, gradually died away.

Freelance Muslim pirates cross and crescent assailed Italy, and even in Spain, where Muslims, Christians and Jews eventually managed to live together successfully, there was tension in the early days of Muslim occupation.

However, what they had in common was an ability to harness the religious passions of their people for their own ends.

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Rogerson cross and crescent tells us that Queen Isabella of Spain — the prime mover, together with her husband King Ferdinand, in the conquest of Granada, the expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain, and the founding of the Spanish Inquisition — was a devout Catholic.

Buku ini memberikan gambaran tentang bagaimana hubungan antara kedua agama terbentuk.

Damai yang dimaksud disini sebenarnya hanyalah keadaan tanpa konflik semata, atau hidup bersinggungan tanpa cross and crescent ketegangan. Bukan konsep damai seperti saling mengerti satu sama lain dan saling berdialog. Saling curiga, menyalahkan, sinis dan hingga tahap paling tinggi - konflik bersenjata - kerap kali terjadi antara kedua belah umat beragama ini.


Apa akar permasalahan dari hubungan yang dinamis ini? Penulis menitikberatkan kepada kedua landasan otoritas yang berbeda antara Islam dan Kristen. Misses out talking about terrorism.


Overall decent but I would recommend reading other works on Islam too James White's book is excellent. Chapman provides overviews and specifics of Islam in its various forms, cross and crescent in the latter part of the book moved into Christian engagement with Islam and ministry examples and ideas.

A few finer points I disagree with that Christians and Muslims worship the same God because they are monotheists but overall a helpful guide along with interesting st Written from a Christian perspective comparing Islam and Cross and crescent, this book feels nearly exhaustive in its scope of topics in regards to Islam.