Print List Price: £ Kindle Price: £ Save £ (72%). includes VAT*. * Unlike print books, digital books are subject to VAT. Cupidity eBook: Holly Hepburn: : Kindle Store. Kindle Monthly Deal. Browse a new selection of discounted Kindle Books each month. Shop now. However, feeding my mind with love and relationship counseling books aid my personality and beliefs. As what the authors of Cupidity namely Hayley & Michael.


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But things start going wrong and its up to Laura to get things figured out. Its full of silly and crazy happenings. cupidity book


Its very light hearted and entertaining. I find most of the information in the book to be believable, however, I do also believe that this book cupidity book pertain to every one. Each person is different, so each relationship must cupidity book as well.

I am happy that these tips worked for Hayley and Michael, but it may not work for you, so don't live for it. The This review is coming out at a cupidity book time.

The one criticism I have is how jumbled cupidity book thoughts were inside the book.


In the middle of a paragraph, it jumps to some cute drawing with tips inside, then cupidity book confusingly find your paragraph again. Happened a little too much for my liking.

Cupidity by Holly Hepburn

I have to say though, I really loved the way the cupidity book spoke candidly while writing. It was almost like having a conversation, not reading.


Minus the blips in paragraphs here and there. Some will love it, and others will hate cupidity book.

Cupid knows that he had 5 days to make Annelise learn to cupidity book again, and 5 cupidity book seems to be the perfect amount of time for this story to cover. I thought the character of An Someone has to make this cute novella into a film!

I thought the character of Annelise was very well developed and very realistic, considering both how short this story was and also, the fact that the other characters in the novella were St Valentine, Cupid and another winged assistant.

I thought the feelings she had were cupidity book realistic too and I found her easy to identify with, even in such a cupidity book space of time! There were moments where I laughed and there were also aww moments.

I don't want to give too much away in this mini cupidity book, but I thought the whole story was really well written.

Cupidity: 50 Stupid Things People Do For Love And How To Avoid Them

This is definitely something that should be enjoyed with a nice glass of wine of an evening or a cup of tea on cupidity book Sunday morning, as I enjoyed it. Laura starts to suspect the odd girl, but just as she's putting the pieces together, Laura accidently shoots arrows at Cupidity and the school rebel, causing them to fall in love—and Cupidity to forget her true identity.

Now Laura has to find out how to break the spells cupidity book Cupid's disguise wears off conveniently timed with the night of the school Homecoming Dance.