Custard Apple Farming Guide: Custard Apple is introduced in India from tropical America. The fruits are generally used as fresh, while some products or mixed. Custard apple, (genus Annona), genus of about species of small trees or shrubs of the family Annonaceae, native to the New World tropics. Custard apples. Custard apple growing regions in India include Assam, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Approximately 55, hectares are dedicated to custard apple cultivation.


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It has become fairly common on the east coast of Malaya, and more or less throughout southeast Asia and the Philippines though nowhere particularly esteemed.

Eighty years ago it was reported as thoroughly naturalized in Guam. In Hawaii it is not well known. Cultivars No named cultivars are reported but there is considerable custard apple cultivation in the quality of fruit from different trees.

The yellow-skinned types seem superior custard apple cultivation the brownish, and, when well filled out, have thicker and juicier flesh. Seeds of a purple-skinned, purple-fleshed form, from Mexico, were planted in Florida and the tree has produced fruit of unremarkable quality.

Custard Apple Farming (Sitaphal) Info Guide | Agri Farming

Climate The custard apple tree needs a tropical climate but with cooler winters than those of the west coast of Malaya. It flourishes in the custard apple cultivation lowlands of Ecuador; is rare above 5, ft 1, m.

In Guatemala, it is nearly always found below 4, ft 1, m. In India, it does custard apple cultivation from the plains up to an elevation of 4, ft 1, m ; in Ceylon, it cannot be grown above 3, ft m. Around Luzon in the Philippines, it is common below 2, ft m.

Custard apple | plant |

It is too tender for California and custard apple cultivation introduced into Palestine succumbed to the cold. The leaves can be leathery or hairy and are generally ovate with smooth margins.

The unusual flowers feature six to eight fleshy curved petals in two whorls and numerous stamens and pistils. Prepare the Pot Use a small garden pot that has drainage holes along the bottom and sides.

Fill the pot with equal parts of a well-draining soil, such as sandy loam, and peat. Create a 1-inch deep hole in the center of the growing medium and place the seed into the hole, custard apple cultivation covering it with a layer of topsoil.

Water each seed until the excess moisture begins to drain from the bottom of the pot. Propagating Custard Apple Tree Seeds To get custard apple seeds off to a great start, gardeners should keep a few basic care instructions custard apple cultivation mind.

Custard apple seeds are more likely to thrive in humid and warm environments that mimic their natural habitat.

Custard apple

As such, water, light, and temperature levels are all important considerations to make. The disease threat is worst in poorly drained soils. Plantation and Spacing in Custard Apple Farming: If planting is done spacing of 5 X 5 m then plants will be required for custard apple cultivation ha.


Planting material in Custard Apple Farming: Vijaya Phyto Farms Pvt. Irrigation in Custard Apple Farming: Irrigation is essential if high quality fruit is to be grown.