Bicycle Diaries chronicles David Byrne's observations and insights—what he is seeing, whom he is meeting, what he is thinking about—as he. In , David Byrne's post-punk pop group, Talking Heads, released an album called More Songs About Buildings and Food. The title was. A round-the-world bicycle tour with one of the most original artists of our day. Urban bicycling has become more popular than ever as recession-strapped.


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He has even cycled though Baltimore, where he grew up, though, interestingly, there is nothing here david byrne bicycle diaries cycling in Dumbarton, where he was born.

Even more impressively, he once cycled from the centre of Detroit to the suburbs, through, as he puts it in his inimitably understated way, "some funky but at least inhabited neighbourhood". He describes the experience of cycling along "Eminem's now famous Eight Mile Road", where the desolation makes him david byrne bicycle diaries of postwar Berlin, as "one of the most memorable bike rides I've ever taken".

DB's choice was initially made out of convenience rather than political motivation, david byrne bicycle diaries the more cities he saw from his bicycle, the more he became hooked on this mode of transport and the sense of liberation, exhilaration, and connection it provided.

Does living in New York City foster a david byrne bicycle diaries, no nonsense attitude? Is that how one would describe the New York state of mind? I've heard recently that Cariocas residents of Rio have a similar "okay, okay, get to the point" sensibility.

Is that a legacy of the layers of historical happenstance that make up a particular city?

Bicycle Diaries

Is that where it comes from? Is it a constantly morphing and slowly evolving worldview? Do the repercussions of local politics and the local laws foster how we view each other? Does it come from the socioeconomic-ethnic mix; are the proportions in the urban stew critical, like in a recipe?

Does the evanescence of fame and glamour lie upon all of L. Do the Latin and Asian populations that are fenced off from the celebrity playgrounds get mixed into this stew, resulting in a unique kind of social psychological fusion?

Does that, and the way the hazy light looks on skin, make certain kinds of work and leisure activities more appropriate there? Maybe this is all a bit of a myth, a willful desire to give each place its own unique aura.

But david byrne bicycle diaries any collective belief eventually become a david byrne bicycle diaries of truth? If enough people act as if something is true, isn't it indeed "true," not objectively, but in the sense that it will determine how they will behave?

Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne

There is some stuff about cycling — helmets, locks, bike racks — but it is more of a hybrid: It was a thought-provoking book whose conclusions gave me pause even when I disagreed with some.

As a bicyclist myself, I like that he focused on the act of bicycling—the enj I ride my bike to work nearly every day david byrne bicycle diaries is above 20 degrees and not raining or snowing.

As a bicyclist myself, I like that he focused on the act of bicycling—the david byrne bicycle diaries itself-- rather than promoting cycling as a way to exercise and stay in shape or a way to be green, and superior to others.


Bicycling, I david byrne bicycle diaries, and Byrne acknowledges, is not practical for most people, and for even for those that it is, most people cannot or will not make the sacrifice. It is obvious that Byrne loves to ride.