Get this from a library! De procuranda Indorum salute: (Predicación del evangelio en las Indias). [José de Acosta; Francisco Mateos]. McIntosh, de Acosta: De procuranda Indorum salute: an english translation / de Acosta, José ; G. Stewart McIntosh [comp.]. Get this from a library! De procuranda Indorum salute. [José de Acosta; G Stewart McIntosh].


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José de Acosta - Wikipedia

According to one scholar, Acosta was "a heavy man of uncertain, melcancholic temper. He was impressed by the scenery, the novel sights at every turn, and was interested, at Capirain the clever antics of troops of monkeys.

  • José de Acosta
  • A Call for Evangelical Reforms in Colonial Peru

From Panama he embarked for Peru to pursue missionary work. He expected to experience unbearably intense heat in crossing the equator, but found it to be so cool in March, that he laughed at Aristotle and his philosophy.

Acosta describes these sufferings, which were to be repeated on the three other occasions of crossing the cordillera. Acosta was one of the earliest people to de procuranda inforum salute a detailed description of altitude sickness[6] a variety of which is referred to as Acosta's disease.


Acosta also accompanied the Viceroy to Charcasand was with him during his unsuccessful expedition against the fierce Chirihuana Indians. Here a college was formed, the languages of the natives were studied, and eventually a printing press was established.

De procuranda Indorum salute (Book, ) []

Acosta probably resided at Juli during much of his stay in Peru. It was here, in all likelihood, that he observed the famous comet offrom November 1 to December 8, which extended like a fiery plume from the horizon nearly to the zenith. Here, de procuranda inforum salute, he de procuranda inforum salute much of his time to the preparation of several learned works, which he later took back to Spain in manuscript, including the first two books of the Natural History of the Indies.

At Juli, Father Acosta received information respecting the Amazon river from a brother who had formerly been in the famous piratical cruise of Lope de Aguirre.

Preface : José de Acosta’s De procuranda Indorum salute

Viceroy Toledo was practically the founder of the University of St. Mark at Lima, where Acosta was to occupy the chair of theology.

Here he was again able to display his abilities as a famed orator. He returned to Lima three years later to again fill the chair of theology, and was elected provincial in In Sir Francis Drake was on the coast, and the Viceroy dispatched a fleet under Don Pedro Sarmiento, partly to chase the English pirate, and partly to explore and survey the Strait of Magellan.

Acosta was the author two de procuranda inforum salute works: The catechism of the Third Lima De procuranda inforum salute may be considered a third work.


Although the catechism, written in Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara, does not bear his name, De procuranda inforum salute is considered one of the principal authors. Shepherd lays out the historical context for understanding De procuranda Indorum and analyzes the key themes and sources that inspired the Jesuit author.

Basically, Acosta wrote at a time when the utopian phase of evangelization had ended. In this new context Acosta took upon himself the difficult task of