Highlights info row image. 1, people follow this. AboutSee All. Highlights info row image. Contact Dieta Montignac on Messenger. Highlights info row image. Puteti sa va imaginati o dieta in care va e permis sa mancati ciocolata? Ei bine, aceasta dieta exista si poarta numele lui Michel Montignac. Inainte de toate, ni. Michel Montignac, who has died of prostate cancer aged 65, was a self-taught weight-loss guru who insisted that diets were never effective in  Missing: dieta ‎| ‎Must include: ‎dieta.


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Michel Montignac obituary

Dieting is limiting dieta montignac amount of food we eat, something which is practically impossible to do on a long-term basis. The Montignac Method is special.

It proposes a free and balanced way of eating to stay fit. The idea is to change our eating habits: Why is dieta montignac Montignac method the only totally balanced diet? He lost 30lb Dine Out and Lose Weight was self-published but became a bestseller, dieta montignaccopies in France.

In the book, he identified sugar as the villain. He asserted that it is not a high calorific intake that adds weight, but the high sugar content in some carbohydrate foods that dieta montignac the body to store unwanted fat.

Nevertheless, Montignac became an early advocate of the glycemic index of foods, a system developed by David Jenkins at Toronto University, following up dieta montignac Crapo's research.

This system measures the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels how quickly certain carbohydrates convert to glucose in the blood as a way of helping people lose weight. In his dieta montignac, Montignac also provides a good number of filling French and Mediterranean style recipes.

The Montignac Method | Official web site of the Montignac Method

The pleasure of food and the feeling of fullness are key concepts in the Method as they are believed to help dieters stick to the rules in the long term dieta montignac not go on a binge.

Montignac also recommends that dieters should never miss a meal, and have between-meal snacks dieta montignac that helps to eat less at meals.


Scientific studies[ edit ] Montignac's dieta montignac is disputed by nutrition experts who claim that any calorie intake that exceeds the amount dieta montignac the body needs will be converted into body fat.

It has been argued that Montignac confuses the direction of causality between obesity and hyperinsulinemia and that the weight loss is simply due to the hypocaloric character of the diet.

Despite these scientific doubts, there are other serious scientific studies which endorse this method.