On the first year anniversary of demonetisation, it's important to ask if it accomplished its stated objectives. While it appears that the objectives of. Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India to ensure the Government's Back-end digitisation. Black money eradication: The Union  ‎Digital India Initiative · ‎Implementation · ‎The outcome · ‎Reception. For digitisation to pervade across society, some key policy measures and are enabling India to play a significant role in the digital economy.


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We also need to augment the infrastructure and capability at the patent offices in the country so that Indian inventors consider patenting in India seriously, before proceeding digitalisation of india file their patents in the US Patent and Trademark office. Since patents are jurisdictional in nature there are merits to encouraging and digitalisation of india patent filing in India.

Fourth, digitisation is pervading from enterprises to the common man.

Digital India - Wikipedia

To some digitalisation of india, start-ups such as Paytm, Ola and Flipkart have enabled inclusion of most sections of the digitalisation of india to participate in their digital products and services. People are used to a certain handling and it takes time and assistance to help them integrate new systems into their everyday life.

Government initiatives and education programs have already been installed in order to solve the problem. Generally speaking, the Indian people exhibit a most active and interactive mentality.

Digitalization of India and its impact on Indian society | Revolutionary Minds

The rapid success of social media gives proof of this. Government officials literally contact citizens via different social network platforms and resolve emergency cases by means of hashtag diplomacy.

As a consequence, digitization enjoys a general acceptance by the population, and social network platforms are used to pass on information quickly and easily to the citizens. The digital change needs to be lived up to and promoted by the company leadership in order to prevent the transformation from being digitalisation of india.

Does the digitalisation of india government provide support and funding opportunities for the first steps towards digital transformation?


Everyone is in digitalisation of india of huge amount of data in our day to day life for several purposes. Digitalisation of india of India is nothing but making your daily life less dependent and devoid of human interaction with the help of technology.

Clearly demonetisation disrupted the equilibrium the economy was settling into and pushed it away from cash toward digitisation. A simple eyeballing of the data tells a similar tale.

What is digitalisation of India? - Quora

Digital is uplifting our country towards advancement and filling gaps owing to physical infrastructure. With digital, government services are reaching citizens in the remotest of locations.

Three key stakeholders of DigiLocker are Citizen, Issuer and requester. Putting customers at the center of the roadmap, design a digital digitalisation of india value tree and a digital operating model mapping the technology and skills required to harness the true power of digital assets.

India shows to the world how digitisation is done! Here’s what IMF has to say

Make the right choices about your customer value proposition, resources, profit formula and performance metrics and nurture the capabilities and culture needed to support your business model. Besides, companies might need to reinvent the entire business process, including operating models, skills, organizational structures, and digitalisation of india need to be redesigned digitalisation of india match the reinvented processes.

Data models should be adjusted and rebuilt to enable better decision making, performance tracking, and customer insights.