DISOMAT B plus - Crane Scale. ® þ Funktion block linkage for crane scales þ Control of weighing functions via crane pendant keys þ Remote printer procedure. Application. The DISOMAT B plus compact weighing terminal is ideally suited for use in the many and varied weighing applications, no matter whether the. Application. DISOMAT® B plus Ex Weighing Terminal is designed as intrinsically safe variant of the proven DISOMAT® B plus. Like the safe area variant, the unit.


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Jerry Miille Thank you for the explanation, but it turns out that Schenck's manuals are not public; Schenckprocess. So that makes disomat b plus somewhat problematic to help assess the situation, when documentation is lacking.


The communication interface is RS Two serial interfaces capable of mastering Disomat b plus and RS in addition to RS as well as binary inputs and outputs designed for direct operation with V ensure its fault-free functioning, even in rugged environments.

When using the system in certified disomat b plus applications, the user benefits from the integral legal-for-trade data memory which saves the use of a redundant printer in many applications.

Powerful Weighing Terminal

Some tips for better search results Use double quotes around phrases, as follows: Sorry for any spelling error, it is not our mother tongue. By Vitaliy Onoshko on 5 October, - 5: Have you made any progress to solve this problem? Insert the three spacers disomat b plus the processor board.

The spacers are included in the board mounting kits. If bus boards are equipped with jumpers for configuration, set these before mounting accessiblity.

Plug fieldbus card complete with sub-connector from mounting kit onto the processor card component side pointing downward and affix using the three bolts.

Best use new hex bolts from the bus board kit in place of the recessed head screws. Bolts can then be tightened easily with the disomat b plus of a hex socket head spanner.

System Manual DISOMAT_百度文库

With baud rates below 12Mbaud, the number of bus stations is limited only through required cycle time and address.

For 12Mbaud, the following physical restriction additionally applies: The PC board is equipped with two bus connectors.

Connector X1, disomat b plus X20, can be used according to choice. To do so, set jumpers W and W disomat b plus position Ensure that both jumpers are in the same position.

Powerful Weighing Terminal

Fieldbus Interfaces Connectors Note: If the last actively terminated slave is removed from bus, the disomat b plus bus may be disturbed, particularly in the case of alternating scales.

This problem can be avoided with the use of a separate active terminal resistor, e.

disomat b plus You can also order the terminal disomat b plus from Schenck ordering number V This file is supplied. For data technical information, please Manual BV-H Please note that the first and the last station on CAN bus must be equipped with a bus terminator.

To do so, set jumper W on device to position Maintain jumper position on all other devices.

Set baud rate and station address of the device in the dialog mode.