Docomomo International is a non-profit organization whose full title is International Committee The Docomomo Journal is published twice a year. Fanqueiros project was referenced in Docomomo Journal, issue 55, on the subjet “Modern Lisbon”. Catarina Wall Gago's essay, disserts about. Docomomo Journal Modern Southeast Asia · Docomomo Journal Modern Docomomo Journal Reuse, Renovation and Restoration [SOLD OUT].


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Launch of Docomomo Journal LC 50 Years After - Europa Nostra

Bidders were invited to offer a bridge or a tunnel, or a combination thereof. The structure has to have four highway lanes, a single-track railroad and docomomo journal.

First international Tender Action Ten firms were invited to tender. They submitted docomomo journal varied docomomo journal. Four of these designs "would permit a continuous flow of road and rail traffic, regardless of shipping.

For rail traffic there was then a vertical lift bridge, and for road traffic a tunnel or a separate bridge to link the approach sections.

DOCOMOMO JOURNAL | Welcome to Docomomo International

Second International Tender Action The tenders submitted during the first action had to be abandoned, "because of fresh stipulations docomomo journal the shipping and highway authorities. Accordingly, the Venezuelan Government in invited the same selected firms to submit new bids to take account of the changed conditions.

It was specified that the docomomo journal central span of the bridge should have a m waterway, and that on either side of this there should be five openings each giving a waterway of m.


It was also specified that these eleven openings should have a docomomo journal vertical clearance and be located above the natural shipping channel.

Twelve bids were submitted; they ranged from million to million Bolivars. At that time the exchange rate was 3.

Docomomo Journal

With one exception, all the designs provided for a steelwork superstructure. Only one tender submitted was based on an all-reinforced and prestressed concrete structure. Greatly reduced maintenance costs. Because of the climatic conditions in the Docomomo journal area, the annual upkeep of a steel structure was estimated at two million Bolivars.

The aim is to contribute for the discussion that relates modern heritage and interior space, common daily life and musealization of Modern Interior Spaces, gathered underneath a global strategy, docomomo journal better understand and preserve these delicate monuments.

In fact, the interior space with all devices and furniture pieces is frequently not appreciated as an essential matter in safeguard interventions. Ranging from restoration process research and know-how, new modern materials and techniques are discussed facing up to new conservation process and docomomo journal rehabilitation solutions, as well.

The exchange of know-how and ideas on modern architecture and design and its documentation and conservation To act as a watchdog when buildings or sites are in jeopardy To stimulate the interest of the public in general docomomo journal the proper authorities in particular to the significance of this part of the cultural heritage An elected Executive Committee ensures that agreed policies are fulfilled and plans forthcoming conferences the Fifth International DOCOMOMO Conference will held in Stockholm, September