Our impressions of Green Ronin’s Dragon Age Core Rulebook. A few weeks ago our resident tabletop expert Charlie Hall asked if anyone on staff would like to investigate Green Ronin’s pen and paper Dragon Age RPG. Green Ronin does a great job of converting Dragon Age’s setting. Based on the smash hit Dragon Age: Origins computer game, the Dragon Age RPG brings the excitement of BioWare's rich fantasy world to the tabletop. Based on the critically-acclaimed Dragon Age computer games, the Dragon Age RPG brings the excitement of BioWare's rich fantasy world to the tabletop.


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At level 4, they can backstab an enemy they start their turn next to by bluffing, attempting to deceive the enemy into a fake-out attack instead of sneaking up on them. Big Badass Battle Sequence: Set 3 adds in a rule set for Mass Battles, each taking three parts and with "crisis points" when near success or failure.

The book goes on to describe how the battle of Ostagar fits within this system, the Tower of Ishal section acting as the second part's crisis point.

A mage who wishes to learn The Dark Arts can take the blood mage specialization, which dragon age tabletop rpg them access to an array of truly gruesome spells that are Cast from Hit Pointsand eventually a blood mage can replenish their mana by sacrificing dragon age tabletop rpg their own blood or that of a willing ally.


Taking this specialization outright requires a high Constitution score. The players can select dragon age tabletop rpg, class, name, background, and starting items of their character. The rest attribute scores and skills is randomized, though later additions have allowed a Point Build System.

A large portion of character customization also comes from taking various skill focuses and talent upgrades that mold your character into a unique individual.

No two characters of the same class and level function dragon age tabletop rpg same in game due to the wide array of abilities they can develop and improve. Class and Level System: There are three classes see below and the characters go up in level as they progress through an adventure.

Resources for the Dragon Age RPG – The Wonders of Thedas Podcast

The highest Character Level the system is designed for is Since the mages combine the healer and the nuker roles, they can become this. Healing wounds with bandages is also an option for non-mages with decent Cunning. With enough investment in the Chirurgy talent, a warrior or rogue can heal just as much as if not more than a healing spell using bandages and other medical supplies, though more advanced healing techniques such as area-of-effect healing and regeneration can only be done with magic.

Mostly averted due to how leveling up works: On even-numbered levels, characters must upgrade and choose a focus for one of their three primary attributes, dragon age tabletop rpg reaching odd-numbered levels forces characters to take upgrades and dragon age tabletop rpg in one of their five secondary attributes.

This effectively forces characters to upgrade stats and take focuses that their class wouldn't ordinarily use for the sake of being well-rounded in a greater variety dragon age tabletop rpg situations.

Dragon Age (tabletop RPG)

In addition, increasing stats beyond a certain threshold requires multiple level-ups in order to increase as a measure against Min-Maxing. The Stunt mechanic is used instead see below. Armor works by reducing the damage taken.

Being possessed by a demon is a risk all mages face when they blow their casting checks but only when they dragon age tabletop rpg spells with prerequisites—the most basic ones taught to apprentices are safe from such catastrophic failure.

It is possible to dual-wield weapons with a proper perk, but the rules of two-weapons combat are somewhat murky. The Adventure Game Engine AGE was designed specifically for the game, although it is pitched as a setting-independent rulesetlater adapted for the Blue Rose reboot and Titansgrave: The Dragon age tabletop rpg of Valkana.

Both player characters and enemies play by the same damage-dealing rules.

All characters start with a preset number e. Enforced in the box set 1, where the dragon age tabletop rpg of a characters' initial statistics is determined by consecutive dice rolls.

This was relaxed in later sets. Loads and Loads of Rules: Averted in a conscious attempt to go easy on the newcomers to tabletop gaming.